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Iliad tests VoLTE technology: debut imminent

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Iliad tests VoLTE technology: debut imminent

Iliad is testing the VoLTE, technology that allows you to make phone calls while remaining on the 4G network even if there is an active data session. This translates into significantly higher call quality than would be the case with a downgrade to the 3G network. The operator was as good as his word: after the debut of eSIMs he had in fact announced that the next service to be developed would be VoLTE.

Let’s be clear: iliad has not yet activated VoLTE for everyone its customers, however, some experiments are underway which are exclusively involving customers business users. The only case that currently involves the use of technology by the operator is roaming in the US with iPhone (since the 3G network has been definitively decommissioned in the USA).

Various reports can already be found online relating to the activation of VoLTE technology for iliadbusiness customers. The operator itself confirmed the start of the test with a short statement sent to MondoMobileWeb:

iliad is currently engaged in a testing phase of its VoLTE on iliadbusiness users. Further information and details regarding the release of the service will be provided soon.

Consumer customers will therefore have to wait, it is not yet known whether the service will initially be launched only for those who have an iliadbusiness contract or whether it will be immediately extended to everyone. If you have an iliadbusiness contract, tell us your experience in the comments.

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