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“Illegal to keep minor migrants in hotels for illegal immigrants”: the sentence of the London judges. Hundreds of young people disappeared

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“Illegal to keep minor migrants in hotels for illegal immigrants”: the sentence of the London judges.  Hundreds of young people disappeared

Accept i asylum seekers minors in hotels for illegal immigrants managed by the Ministry of the Interior where “they do not have the due assistance of local authorities and are put at risk of being exploited by organized crime, it is an illegal practice that violates the most fundamental duty of a civilized state”. The last sentence ofHigh Court of London falls like a boulder on the government’s anti-illegal immigration policies Altaralready very controversial even if taken as a model by our prime minister Georgia Melons.

A condemnation in no uncertain terms to the ‘systematic’ practice of hosting arriving children unaccompanied on British shores aboard the dinghiesto be shipped to the ‘hotel where they are kept i illegal immigrants without any adult supervision or local authority care. From here, and by now there are too many, many cases minors they disappear. Since April this year, 447 minors have disappeared from these ‘hotels for asylum seekers’ in Kent, East Sussex, Londra, Oxfordshire and Warwickshiremostly in the first 72 hours after landing in United Kingdom. Among these 154 are still missing, they are young people aged mainly between 16-17 years but there are also a 12-year-old child and 11 fifteen-year-olds, some of whom, judge Chamberlain argued on the basis of evidence: “They were persuaded to join gangs that exploit them for criminal purposes”.

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For this the ong Every Child Protected Against Trafficking (Ecpat) filed the lawsuit against the British ministry against what thehigh cut recognized one illegal practicewhich since 2021 has been used as a routine procedure for as many as 5400 minors (of which a third under the age of 16), but which cannot replace the supervision of adults and in the care of local authorities.

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In the 55 pages of the sentence the judge Chamberlain stated that “these are minors who have made a very long journey, in many cases after receiving abuse e mistreatment in the country of origin or en route to arrive in United Kingdom. Some are victims of the human traffickingspeak little or no English, have no instruments to face the life of a asylum seeker in Great Britain and for this reason they are more vulnerable”.

But making these underage immigrants feel welcome is certainly not there priority of the British government, far from it. The Undersecretary of the Interior Robert Jenrick in recent weeks he has raised one scandal for having ordered to rewhiten i murals representatives Mickey Mouse e Tom &Jerry which adorned the landing center of Dover for young unaccompanied immigrants, because according to him they were “too welcoming”.

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Deterrence against illegal immigrants – If the Sunak prime minister’s motto is ‘Stop the Boats’, the priority of his interior minister Suella Bravermannicknamed by NGOs also ‘Cruella’ Bravermanis rather manage the smuggling of illegal immigrants in the most deterrent and economical way possible. While the government is preparing the appeal against the decision of the British court which effectively blocked the sending of illegal immigrants again Rwanda because the country is not rated as “safe”, the Braverman has now purchased tents which should be set up at the end of August on disused military sites to accommodate the wave of illegal immigrants who should try to cross the Sleeve. A contingent plan, or rather, a reaction to the panic induced by the forecasts of Border Forcethe command responsible for the borders, according to which in the next three months the coasts of the island will see the greatest traffic of migrants arriving from Sleeve. A forecast that is based on last year’s trends when half of the 45,755 landings of illegal immigrants were recorded in August, September and October.

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The ‘grand plan’ of Braverman is to replace the accommodation in hotelwhich costs taxpayers around 7 million euros a day with cheaper and certainly less welcoming accommodations. The marquees are expected to accommodate 1,000 to 2,000 beds, an option that offers more space than the 220 rooms aboard the Bibby Stockolmthe barge defined by activists as a ‘floating prison’, ready on the coast of Dover in front of the port Portland to house the first of the 500 asylum seekers. Since it seems that i illegal immigrants have not been discouraged at all by the new intransigent anti-illegal immigration bill proposed by the government Altarwhich after the political ping pong a Westminster between room of Common and room of the Lord received the green light of British Parliament. One point to the Tory government of Rishi Sunak against the advice of humanitarian organizations, including theHim according to which the draconian provisions of the law, such as the prohibition to request the refugee status to who enters United Kingdom illegally, it would violate international treaties.

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