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“I’m at the police station and I will hand myself over to justice, I couldn’t do otherwise”

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“I’m at the police station and I will hand myself over to justice, I couldn’t do otherwise”

Lele Adani wanted to make fun of his detractors with the latest video, in front of the police station, in which he says he is ready to turn himself in. Her crime? Carry on the “crusade” against servility.

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Daniele Adani comes back strong with what is now one of his warhorses, or the media “crusade” against servility. The former defender and commentator did it in his own way with a direct provocation aimed above all at his detractors. In fact, in the latest video Lele, in front of the Milan police station, even said he was ready to hand himself over to justice.

His crime? That of having tried to extort the concept of servility, so rooted in his opinion in the Italian sports media system. On board a scooter, the former Bobo TV member explains that he is in front of the police station, warning his “followers” that he will probably disappear for a while. He is ready to sacrifice himself for Adani’s ideas, which he has always supported in the past his freedom in football judgments and opinionsagainst a narrative that is subservient and too tender towards someone.

And for this reason Adani is ready to do anything, even to denounce himself, obviously to troll the enslaved: “Guys, good morning everyone. It’s not easy for me, I’m here in front of the police station and I will hand myself over to justice. I had to explain the reason to you, also through this video message because I’ve been searching in recent months to extort the concept of servility from you. Unfortunately it won’t be a good day, it will be strong because we extort from you the concept of servility in such an open, free and sensitive part of sports communication, right? Spiritually and mentally open. It’s the worst thing I could have done. It’s right to put yourself back in the hands of justice, if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks you know why. I couldn’t do otherwise, I had to tell you in person. I have to apologize to you and I will pay the consequences, long live futbol”.

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On the other hand, even at the moment of farewell to Sky, Adani had referred to the need for “sincerity”, then unleashing the catchphrase “at the level of servility like Messi”, both during football with the F and with his teammates of travel in Rai. “THEeither I don’t live for consensus, I’m not a politician. Debate is the essence of communication. Let us be guided by the truth of the field…“.

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An example above all? The case of Massimiliano Allegri, cith the debate over the coach who has come back strong after Juventus’ latest disappointing results. She’s been through a lot of water under the bridge since famous clash on Sky between the coach and the commentator. From that moment on, the second always continued his criticism of Max by referring to his team’s difficulties from the point of view of his team’s play. A mantra that returned forcefully in the face of the double defeat against Inter and Udinese, which reignited the debate on the manager.

Debate in which Adani entered in a decisive manner as always, to once again criticize the work of the Juventus coach which did not produce the desired results. All without mincing words, with all due respect to those who often put servility before objectivity when speaking about him.

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