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“I’m back”, Trump returns to Facebook and Youtube after his suspension from social networks in 2021

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“I’m back”, Trump returns to Facebook and Youtube after his suspension from social networks in 2021

New York – In a matter of hours, before YouTube announced the reopening of Donald Trump’s official account, and then the tycoon posted his first message on Facebookthree letters, “I’m back”, written after more than two years of digital “exile”.

His supporters, the account has 34 million followers, have gone nuts. One post is missing Twitter to complete the circle of the big comeback, but who knows. Trump had been ousted from all social platforms in early 2021, shortly after the insurrection that saw hundreds of his supporters storm the US Congress buildings in Washington.

The tycoon had been accused of inflaming the insurrectionists with a series of violent messages. The unprecedented case of a president of the United States, who later became ex, censored, had divided America but had not changed history. Trump had been excluded from all social networks, and forced to found one of his own, Truthfrom which he continued to launch attacks, threats and insults.

In the last four months the situation has changed: the former president officially ran for the White House in 2024 and inquiries into him, in New York and Georgia, have become increasingly pressing. And the former US president could be indicted next week. In this case, the tycoon will be fingerprinted. But the Secret Service will decide on the possibility of handcuffing him

Meanwhile, Big Tech has also changed its position. After you buy TwitterElon Musk publicly announced the reinstatement of Trump’s account in late November. And it did the same in February Meta“parent” of facebook and instagram.

Today it was the turn of YouTube, who motivated the measure with the aim of “ensuring that voters have equal access to content from all major national candidates”. In recent months, the tycoon had continued to reject all requests from traditional social networks, arguing that Truth it was his “home” and he would not cheat on it with another. But Trump’s platform is followed by a few million people, while the others have a global impact. At a time when the investigations are tightening, and New York prepares the indictment for the illegal payment to the porn star Stormy Daniels, Trump is back on Facebook to get his voice heard to a much larger audience than Truth’s. The message, “I’m back”, was accompanied by a short video, twelve seconds, in which he appears in the previous presidential campaign and says: “Sorry if I kept you waiting, but it was a complicated affair. Complicated”.

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At his side, a couple of meters behind, is Mike Pence, who in the meantime has become one of his great enemies, defined as the “traitor”, the man who refused to block the proclamation of Joe Biden as president of the United States . At the end of the clip follows a message to donate to the “Make America Great Again 2024” campaign. Followers flooded the account with enthusiastic comments. More than thirty thousand likes in less than an hour, more than half a thousand comments and welcome back messages. Musk won’t be happy about being snubbed in favor of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network. The South African billionaire had rolled out red carpets to encourage his return Twitter, had also supported his friend Vladimir Putin, but nothing. All useless, at least until today. The account is silently online, with its more than 87 million followers on standby. The last post is still that of January 8, 2021: “To all those who have asked – he wrote – I will not go to the inauguration (of the new president, ed), on January 20”. After a while, the account was closed.

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