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I’m Ready to Lead the United States

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I’m Ready to Lead the United States


Vice President of the United States (US) Kamala Harris. Photo/REUTERS

WASHINGTON – Vice President of the United States (US) Kamala Harris is ready to replace President Joe Biden if necessary, according to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report.

Harris’ remarks come amid growing concerns about Biden’s aging and memory problems.

Harris’ statement was first reported by WSJ on Monday (12/2/2024), a week after the US vice president made it to the daily during a flight on Air Force Two.

Harris was asked whether concerns over Biden’s memory meant he had to reassure the public he was ready to serve.

“I am ready to serve. There’s no doubt about that,” Harris answered boldly, dismissing suggestions that she actually needed to convince the public. Moreover, currently Harris’ popularity is declining.

Harris claims anyone who sees him do his job, “will leave with a full awareness of my ability to lead.”

According to the latest poll conducted by NBC, the US Vice President’s popularity ratings hit a new low, with a combined 53% of registered voters viewing him negatively.

The majority of those who think so, about 42% of all respondents interviewed during the poll, said they were actually “very negative” about the Vice President.

At the same time, only 28% of them have a positive view of Harris.

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