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Images of the volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula

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Images of the volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes Peninsula

50 to 80 meters high. The lava jets propelled by the volcano are impressive. A new volcanic eruption has affected the Reykjanes peninsula, in the southwest of Iceland, since Thursday. This is the third since December 18.

Orange-red lava flows accompanied by a cloud of smoke rise from a fissure approximately three kilometers long, visible from the capital Reykjavik.

Civil Protection declared a state of emergency early in the afternoon after the lava flow covered and exploded a pipeline supplying hot water to the Reykjanes peninsula.

“The hot water pipe is broken, causing a shortage of hot water in Sudurnes. It is important that residents and businesses in Sudurnes save electricity and hot water,” Civil Protection said in a press release.

Land of Fire and Ice

Some 28,000 people live in this region, located in the south of the peninsula, one of the most populated in Iceland. The eruption occurred about 40 km southwest of Reykjavik, in the same area as the previous ones that occurred on December 18 and January 14 near the town of Grindavik. The 4,000 inhabitants of this town had to be evacuated on November 11.

In Iceland, 33 volcanic systems are considered active in this land of fire and ice. It is the most volcanic region in Europe.

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