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“Immunity for Trump”, the Supreme Court will decide: so the tycoon can reach the Presidential elections without convictions

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“Immunity for Trump”, the Supreme Court will decide: so the tycoon can reach the Presidential elections without convictions

New York – The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the former president’s request Donald Trump to recognize his immunity from any criminal prosecution, thus casting doubt on the possibility that the two federal trials for his role in the assault on Congress on January 6, 2021 and the secret documents stolen from Mar a Lago’s house could take place before the elections of November. At the same time, however, the New York Court of Appeals refused to vacate or suspend the civil order to pay a $454 million fine for tax fraud committed by his company, forcing Donald to admit that he may be forced to sell properties to do so, because he does not have the money available to deposit the deposit needed to appeal.

Two contradictory legal developments, which on the one hand help and on the other hurt the former president. Trump has been indicted 91 times across four trials. Two are managed by the federal prosecutor Jack Smithand concern his role in the assault on Congress to prevent the confirmation of Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election, and the secret documents he brought home from the White House.

Two are state-based, namely the one that will begin on March 25 in New York for the money given to the porn star Stormy Daniels to keep quiet about their relationship, and the one in Georgia for trying to change the results of the vote in that state. Then there is the civil judgment already issued by New York judge Arthur Engoron, who sentenced him to pay a fine of 454 million dollars, for the values ​​of his properties inflated in order to obtain favorable conditions on the loans requested. Furthermore, he was civilly sentenced to pay 80 million for the sexual harassment and defamation of the journalist Jean Carroll.

Trump has appealed the federal trials, arguing that as a former president he is entitled to absolute immunity for all his acts and cannot be subjected to criminal prosecution. Both the trial judge and the Washington Court of Appeals rejected this argument. But now the Supreme Court, where there is a conservative majority of 6 judges to 3, has agreed to listen to him.

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He therefore established that the hearings will begin on April 22, but in the meantime the trials will remain frozen. In the brief ruling with which it expressed itself, the highest court of the United States said that its decision does not represent the expression of an opinion on the case, but only the intention to examine “whether former presidents actually enjoy immunity and Until what point”. Donald had asked for the proceedings to be quashed and did not get it.

The delay caused, however, could make it impossible to hold them before the elections, assuming the Supreme Court does not recognize his immunity and therefore cancel them. In fact, if the first hearings will be held at the end of April, the judgment will probably not arrive before the end of June or the beginning of July. At that point it would be very difficult to hold trials and reach a sentence by November 5th. If this did not happen and Trump won the elections, then as president he could cancel the proceedings against him or pardon himself.

Delaying everything has been his goal from the beginning, and now he is succeeding with the complicity of the Supreme Court, where three judges appointed by him sit. Donald was also indicted for the money given to Stormy Daniles, because he allegedly took it from campaign funds, violating the law. This trial will begin on March 25 and even as president he would not have the power to block or cancel it, because it is a state proceeding and not a federal one. However, it is also the weakest case, which even if it led to a conviction would hardly have a strong impact on the positions of voters.

The Georgia one is more relevant, because it concerns attempts to interfere with the elections by seeking non-existent votes to beat Biden. The problem, however, is that prosecutor Fani Willis shot herself in the foot by hiring her lover as the main investigator. Trump’s lawyers have asked to remove her from the case because she thus violated the rules governing her role, and if this happened the trial could be postponed until after the presidential elections. However, the New York civil judgment remains because the state Court of Appeals refused to strike it down.

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To continue with the appeal, Donald would have to post bail for the entire sum he was ordered to pay, but he had to admit to the judges that he does not have it. This is not just a legal impediment, but a serious image blow, because it confirms that Trump is not as rich as he tried to make people believe, and he doesn’t have the money to appeal.

The court has given him a month to find them, and he is trying to get a loan for this purpose. If he can’t get it, however, State Attorney Letitia James has threatened to begin seizing his property to collect the fine.

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