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In 2020, my country’s outstanding scientific and technological papers totaled 493,800 papers in top international journals, ranking 2nd in the world_infozaobao.com

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In 2020, my country’s outstanding scientific and technological papers totaled 493,800 papers in top international journals, ranking second in the world

Today (27th), the China Institute of Science and Technology Information released the “Statistical Report on Chinese Sci-tech Papers in 2021”. The data shows that there are many bright spots in the quantity and quality of Chinese scientific papers.

1. The overall output of China’s outstanding scientific and technological papers continues to grow

In 2020, China’s outstanding scientific and technological papers totaled 493,800, an increase of 27.6% over 2019, including 246,000 outstanding international scientific and technological papers and 247,800 outstanding domestic scientific and technological papers. The disciplines with the largest number of outstanding papers are clinical medicine, chemistry, electronics, communications and automation, and biology.

2. According to the statistics of the number of citations of international papers, China ranks first in the world in the four fields of materials science, chemistry, computer science, and engineering technology. Compared with the previous year, China has increased the field of computer science.

The number of citations of papers in 10 fields, including agricultural science, biology and biochemistry, environment and ecology, ranks second in the world.

3. The number of papers in top international journals ranks 2nd in the world, up 2 places

In 2020, there are 15 international journals with more than 100,000 citations and an impact factor of more than 30, and a total of 25,500 papers have been published. Among them, China has published 1833 academic papers and review articles, ranking second in the world, compared with 2019 Go up by 2 places.

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4. The number of highly cited papers and hot papers continues to rank second in the world

As of September 2021, China has 42,900 highly cited papers, accounting for 24.8% of the world share. The number has increased by 15.5% over 2020. The world ranking remains at No. 2 and its share of the world has increased by nearly 2 percentage points. . The number of hot papers in China is 1,515, accounting for 36.3% of the world‘s total, an increase of 10.2% over 2020, and the world ranking remains at No. 2 in the world.

5. The number of international co-authored papers in China continues to grow

Among the international papers published by China in 2020, there are 144,500 international co-authored papers, an increase of 14,400 papers over 2019, an increase of 11.1%. International co-authored papers accounted for 26.2% of the total number of papers published in China. International co-authored papers in which the Chinese author is the first author accounted for 69.3% of all international co-authored papers in China, and the partners involved 169 countries (regions).

Among the papers published by Chinese authors in 2020, there are 485 papers with more than 100 authors and more than 50 cooperative institutions. The topics involved are: particle and field physics, astronomy and astrophysics, multidisciplinary physics research, nuclear physics research, etc.

6. The number of Chinese sci-tech journals that have entered the forefront of the discipline in the world has increased, and the international visibility has been further enhanced

In 2020, the SCI database (Science Citation Index) included 225 Chinese sci-tech journals, an increase of 17 from 2019; the Ei (Engineering Index) database included 229 Chinese sci-tech journals; Medline (Medical Index) included 136 Chinese sci-tech journals.

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In 2020, there are 18 Chinese journals that have been cited in the top quarter (Q1 area) in the subject field in terms of total citation frequency, which is an increase of 2 from 2019. There are 85 journals with impact factors in Q1, which is an increase of 16 from 2019. kind.

7. Increasing influence of Chinese sci-tech journals

According to the 2021 “Chinese Science and Technology Journal Citation Report” and the China Science and Technology Papers and Citation Database (CSTPCD) statistics, in 2020 CSTPCD will include 1952 Chinese journals and 132 English journals in the field of natural sciences in my country, and publish 45.16 papers with Chinese authors as the first author. Ten thousand articles. Collected 397 kinds of journals in the field of social sciences, and published 50,000 papers with Chinese authors as the first authors.

According to the 2021 “Chinese Science and Technology Journal Citation Report”, the average impact factor of China’s core science and technology journals is 0.869, and the average annual growth rate since 2001 is 6.5%; the total citation frequency of journals is 1523, with an average annual growth rate since 2001 The rate is 9.4%, and the level of academic influence of sci-tech journals has been significantly improved.

8. The F5000 platform pushes outstanding Chinese papers and Chinese authors to the world, further expanding its international influence

In order to effectively improve the overall level of Chinese sci-tech journals, better publicize and promote my country’s outstanding academic achievements, and carry out international academic exchanges. CITIC Institute uses the method of combining scientific measurement indicators and peer review to select outstanding Chinese academic papers every year, and builds the “Top Runner 5000-Top Academic Papers Platform for Chinese High-quality Sci-tech Journals (F5000)”. Exhibit and exchange excellent academic papers in our country. Through cooperation with important international information service organizations and international publishing organizations, the papers will be centrally linked and accurately pushed to international counterparts. It provides an efficient channel for Chinese published papers, authors and Chinese academic journals to integrate into the international academic community.

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The Forer Runner 5000 platform has received 6,948,900 searches, attracting international users from more than 140 countries including the United States, Russia, and Canada. International visitors mainly come from international universities and research institutes, such as Cornell University, Harvard University in the United States, Cambridge University, University of London, Oxford University in the United Kingdom, and some famous national laboratories.

(Reporter Lei Biao)


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