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“In All Friendship” fans irritated: ARD star hardly recognizable

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“In All Friendship” fans irritated: ARD star hardly recognizable
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    Has a role been recast here? Or why do fans no longer recognize Jakob from “In aller Friendship”?

    Leipzig – “In aller Friendship” has been running weekly on ARD since 1998, and at the beginning of 2023 the format cracked the 1,000-episode mark. No wonder that in 25 years of series history, many actors have come, gone and returned. One of them is Karsten Kühn (34), who has been there from the beginning. Since 1998 he has played the role of Jakob Heilmann. Has he been replaced by another actor?

    “In all friendship” veteran: Karsten Kühn celebrated his debut at the age of nine

    The answer to this question will reassure fans: No, ARD did not replace Karsten Kühn on “In aller Freunde”. The actor first appeared as Jakob Heilmann in the series when he was nine years old. Since then he has appeared in episodes again and again, but has changed over the years.

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    The child actor has become a grown man – one with a beard. It’s this beard that’s currently confusing fans so much. Because Kühn usually appears clean-shaven, viewers almost didn’t recognize him in the new episode, in which he is suddenly seen with a full beard.

    Followers surprised: What happened to Jakob from “In aller Friendship”?

    On Instagram, the official channel of the series “In All Friendship” posted a picture of the current episode, which is broadcast every Tuesday, and asked for the viewers’ opinions. “What did you think of the episode ‘Heart and Hearth’ (1028)?”

    In the comments, fans wondered: “Is Jakob the same actor as before?” Or: “Jakob has changed a lot, so I didn’t recognize him right away. Just the voice.” Another user says: “I almost didn’t recognize Jakob. The beard doesn’t suit him at all.”

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    Well, Karsten Kühn seems to like the beard and as long as this series favorite isn’t replaced, fans will definitely be able to get used to his new look sooner or later. A lot also seems to be happening in another medical series: Secret daughter, illegitimate son: Will everything change for the Grubers in the 17th “Bergdoktor” season? Sources used: Instagram

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