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“In bed with the enemy”

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“In bed with the enemy”

This episode “Spring” has it all: Not only does episode 48 of the successful ZDF series with Sophia Thomalla in the lead role of Katja Baumann have the piquant title “In bed with the enemy” – no, in that episode it also has Berlin YouTuber Kayla Shyx makes an appearance as nurse April.

The actresses’ joint episode is tricky because the two Berliners have fundamentally different views on Rammstein: While the Thomallas always stood behind Till Lindemann, even when allegations against him were made in the summer of 2023, Kayla Shyx was in one from Berlin Video of one of the vehement accusers against Lindemann. The Berlin public prosecutor ultimately dropped the case due to a lack of incriminating evidence.

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Even in times of vehement Rammstein criticism, the Thomallas remained loyal fans: Simone Thomalla apparently attended the last of three Berlin Rammstein concerts in July 2023 in the Olympic Stadium: She even posted a video from this concert on Instagram – for which she received a lot of criticism, but also received applause.

Simone Thomalla’s daughter Sophia Thomalla is also the ex-girlfriend of Rammstein singer Till Lindemann. She also defended him when allegations were made against him in the summer of 2023 that he had behaved aggressively towards young women: “Till is a man who protects women,” said Sophia Thomalla at the time.

Kayla Shyx, on the other hand, played a completely different role in the Rammstein case: As a YouTuber, she posted a video on June 5, 2023 with the title “What really happens at Rammstein afterparties”. The law firm commissioned by Till Lindemann obtained an injunction against Shyx from the Hamburg Regional Court: Eight statements from the YouTube video were banned and had to be removed.

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The fact that Shyx and Thomalla appear in the same “Spring” episode, which of all things is called “In Bed with the Enemy,” is certainly explosive – even if the two series characters don’t have a scene together. Shyx only plays a supporting role: a nurse who, along with her colleagues, rushes to help a visitor in the hospital having a panic attack.

Rammstein clash on ZDF series “Spring”? In focus: violence against women

Just a few rooms away is Katja Baumann, a village helper, played by Simone Thomalla. Since 2010, she has embodied the village helper who has a solution for everything and who looks after families in need in a caring and selfless manner. Apparently the ZDF audience likes this, because the number of episodes has increased every year since it was first broadcast in 2010 and has now increased from two to six per year and thus per season.

Actually, every episode of “Spring” is about a new family drama, but now it is noticeable: old stories are coming to light again and are being reopened. Is the ZDF series running out of creativity? Hardly, it’s more about depth than about quick processing. In the current series, the 13th season, in addition to the love chaos of the main character Baumann, the main focus is on one thing: violence against women.

The public broadcaster (ÖRR) has apparently written a feminist discourse on its forehead and wants to address increasingly socially relevant topics. Not only because more and more attention is being drawn to the fact that Baumann portrays an emancipated, assertive woman who doesn’t let men get her down. But also because several episodes are about the behavior of Amelie Kreuser, played by Hanna Binke. She is obviously being beaten by her fiancé; But no one really knows how to deal with it.

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It seems all the more surprising to use two women with two opinions on exactly the same topic in the same episode: one outraged by Lindemann’s alleged offense against young women, the other takes the man’s side. How the topic of abuse is addressed in “Spring” will be further shown in Episode 48. The potential Clash episode of the 13th season will not be broadcast linearly until March 3rd, but it is already available in the media library.

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