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In bookstores now: PERFECT BLUE – The original novel of the film

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In bookstores now: PERFECT BLUE – The original novel of the film

The shocking original novel is back in bookstores

from which the great SATOSHI KON drew

the animated masterpiece of the same name (now in theaters):


di Yoshikazu Takeuchi
ISBN 9788885457171

• A one-of-a-kind event: come and discover how the candor of ‘idol’the young superstars of j-pop, constitutes in reality nothing more than the glossy and sugary surface of a much more hypocritical and obscure world, made up of economic interests and immoral compromises to satisfy an obsessive fandom which in some cases borders on maniacal to become dangerous…
• Mima Kirigoe is a young singer on the Japanese pop scene, and presents herself to her audience as a pure and innocent idol. Three years after her debut she is now intent on making the big leap into the world of entertainment, but in order to become an immortal star the record company is planning a radical, decidedly sexy change of look for her, to launch the new single and bring the public songs of a now adult woman, erasing the previous image of a little girl.
But among Mima’s fans there is someone who cannot in any way accept that type of change, contrary to all his principles, and who for this reason plans to safeguard the original purity of the object of his obsessions, in a radical way…


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