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“In Japan with Anime”: habits, customs and traditions.

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“In Japan with Anime”: habits, customs and traditions.

The Land of the Rising Sun is rich in history and traditions that have led to an evolution of customs and uses that are very different from Western life.

“In Japan with Anime” by Massimiliano De Giovanni, published by KappaLab Edizioni is a popular essay in which the Japanese country is presented in its most authentic version, explaining its ways of life by contrasting this style in the context of anime.

The author De Giovanni, a member of the kappa Boys, a great connoisseur of Japan, describes everything with a very flowing language, making the reader appreciate a world that still has a lot to discover, it analyzes how a house is structured, the way of dressing, eating in the Japanese style, how to travel and by what means but above all the rules of behavior in public. In addition to school, festivities, forms of entertainment… the pages delve into customs and traditions, giving us an idea of ​​life, full of advice for anyone traveling to Japan.

Everything is accompanied by the images of anime that highlight the various traditions explained alongside, such as Slam Dunk, Pokemon, Lum, Lupine III, Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, Ranma !/2… new works alongside other historical ones, all with the purpose to explain the way of life in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The school system is very interesting but also the way of approaching certain contexts such as going to the public baths (Onsen), going to play pachinko, visiting a temple. A very accurate book that leaves nothing to chance but above all is engaging, one has the impression of being transported to those places or moments described. In all of this, we realize how Japanese folklore is so well done in animated series, bringing back to the screen what you see with your eyes in reality.

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A work to buy if you love Japan.

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