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in Naples 5G, edge computing and IXP and the fight against the digital divide

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in Naples 5G, edge computing and IXP and the fight against the digital divide

5G, edge computing and IXP and the fight against the digital divide, at the center of OPNA23 which will be held on March 31 at the Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediteranneo, for the national event of Assoprovider, the association of proximity operators

5G, cloud, computer security, are some of the topics of OPNA23the event organized by Assoprovider, the association of Proximity Operators in collaboration with lOrder of Engineers of Naples and the newspaper OpenTLCsponsored by the Municipality of Naples.

The appointment is in Naples on March 31 from 9 to 18 at the Renaissance Naples Hotel Mediterraneo, in via Ponte di Tappia.

Technology at the service of entrepreneurs

How can TLC technologies change the way companies, universities and communities work, improving productivity? The experts (telecom entrepreneurs, legal consultants, chartered accountants, engineers, university professors) who will speak at OPNA23 will try to answer this and other questions.

There will be three technologies under the magnifying glass. 5G, whose opportunities will be examined and how it can increase connectivity and productivity in areas such as companies, university campuses, local communities and villages. We will also talk about edge computing, a cloud technology that allows data to be processed close to the source, improving the quality of performance. And again the IXPs, internet exchange points, which allow providers to connect their networks, improving both the quality of the connection and the security of the networks.

Here to read the full program.

A laboratory on 5G

OPNA23 also wants to launch new projects to involve the telecommunications world, with universities and professionals. How to lay the foundations for birth for a laboratorio 5G through a memorandum of understanding between Unina, Assoprovider, Consulservice, Opnet and Netlab.

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«OPNA23 represents the first national event of Assoprovider in 2023 and the sixth organized in 15 months. In addition to addressing our telecommunications colleagues, we also wanted to include other companies and professionals, with the aim of offering concrete solutions and “best practices” to the productive and entrepreneurial fabric, with a particular focus on hotel facilities and the challenges of the digital divide, in market failure areas explains Marcello Cama, vice president of Assoprovider.

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