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increases up to 4.5 euros per month

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increases up to 4.5 euros per month

No rescheduling had been communicated for December, it seemed that the last one could be the one for mobile line customers which started in November. And instead the customers Fastweb they return to deal with a increase in billthis time on the fixed line. The operator of the Swisscom group has just announced that starting from 1 January 2024 some fixed line customers will see the amount increase by one amount ranging from just 1 euro cent to 4.49 euros per month.

Fastweb also explains the reasons which, from its point of view, forced it to adjust prices upwards, and as often happens in recent times, the Fingers are being pointed at rising costs suffered by the company structure and operations:

It is important for us to offer you an excellent and future-proof service, with cutting-edge technology and zero impact on the environment, where our constant commitment to guarantee quality and innovation does not compromise with your expectations and with the sustainability of the planet. Maintaining this balance between innovation and sustainability requires resources and the recent increase in energy and raw material costs beyond our control has made it even more complicated to guarantee you the best possible service.

The company explains that in the invoices of interested parties issued from 1 December 2023 onwards it will be indicated the exact amount of the “tax”, and the same detailed information will be indicated in the personal area of ​​the Fastweb website. However, they were published plans involved and the range of the increasefor precise information you must refer to the invoice or personal area:

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piano Fastweb Casa Light | increase range: between 1.08 and 4.24 euros more per month
Fastweb Casa Privilege | 0.91 – 4.27 euros more per month
Fastweb NeXXt Home | 0.08 – 4.41 euros more per month
Fastweb NeXXt Casa Light | 0.08 – 4.42 euros more per month
Fastweb NeXXt Internet | 0.08 – 4 euros more per month
Fastweb Home | 0.99 – 4.27 euros more per month
Fastweb Home Inbound | 0.47 – 4.42 euros more per month
Fastweb Home Outbound | 0.91 – 4.17 euros more per month
Internet | 0.08 – 4 euros more per month
Internet + Telephone | 0.08 – 4.49 euros more per month
Jet | 0.14 – 4.45 euros more per month
Joy | 0.02 – 3.89 euros more per month
Browse Without Limits | 0.01 – 4.41 euros more per month
Superjet | 0.11 – 4.49 euros more per month
Supersurf | 0.23 – 4.49 euros more per month.


Fastweb informs that as required by law, customers affected by the contractual change, aka remodulation, have right to withdraw from the contract or switch to another operator without penalties and deactivation costs by 15 February 2024. Anyone who wishes can therefore do so via one of the methods indicated:

by sending a registered letter with return receipt to Fastweb SpA, Casella Postale 126 – 20092 Cinisello Balsamo (MI) or a PEC to the address [email protected]attaching a copy of the identity document and specifying “change in contractual conditions” as the reason for withdrawal by going to a Fastweb store, contacting Fastweb Customer Service via the MyFastweb customer area, specifying the reason “change in contractual conditions” in the notes field.

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Who at the time of the cancellation request had any ongoing installment payments you can choose whether to continue with the installment plan, even though you are no longer a Fastweb customer, or to pay the remaining installments in a single solution and pay off the debt.

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