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India reopens its gates on November 15 for passengers from 99 countries to enter the country without quarantine | TTG China

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(Zhang Guangwen/Interview Report) Due to the increase in vaccination rate and the continuous decrease in domestic confirmed cases, the Indian government decided to reopen the country on November 15 to allow passengers from 99 countries that have signed reciprocity agreements and have been fully vaccinated to enter without isolation. Those passengers who take commercial flights and hold new tourist visas only need to undergo continuous health checks within 14 days after arriving in India.

At present, India has administered more than 1 billion doses of vaccine, and the antibody survey also shows that most Indian nationals have been exposed to the new coronavirus and have antibodies. Recently, many Indian residents have been eager to flock to local tourist hotspots to travel. At the beginning of this month, many Indian families gathered to celebrate the country’s largest festival, Diwali.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Health of India, inbound passengers must be fully vaccinated, comply with all new crown epidemic prevention regulations, and be tested negative within 72 hours before the flight. Many travelers will also have to undergo COVID-19 testing at the airport upon arrival. However, India and many countries have signed agreements that mutually recognize vaccination certificates, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and many European countries. Passengers from these countries can leave the airport without being tested for the new crown epidemic. This is the first time India has allowed foreign passengers to enter the country on commercial flights since March last year, and since October 15th, passengers who have been fully vaccinated have been allowed to enter the country on charter flights.

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The reporter learned from a number of travel agencies that after implementing a 20-month ban on epidemic prevention, India reopened entry for tourists from countries that have reciprocal agreements with India on November 15. These include: the United States, Britain, Israel, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Bangladesh, Russia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, etc. However, due to high fares and restrictions on travelers from the United Kingdom, China and other regions, tourism demand remains extremely sluggish.

same,Rajeev Mehra, Chairman of the Indian Association of Tour OperatorsSaid that tourism is an important pillar of the Indian economy. In the next few months, inbound tourists are expected to only reach 5% of the pre-epidemic level. Although we are constantly receiving inquiries and giving quotations, most of the inbound passengers will choose to wait and see due to the expensive fares. It is expected that if the global situation continues to stabilize, the tourist season in October 2022 is expected to be full. At that time, Taj Mahal, desert palaces and tiger conservation areas will once again become popular tourist destinations.

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