Home World Indian floods have caused 113 deaths, and about 100 people are missing-Xinhua English.news.cn

Indian floods have caused 113 deaths, and about 100 people are missing-Xinhua English.news.cn

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Original title: India’s flood and cement flow disaster has caused 113 deaths and about 100 missing

Rescuers conduct search and rescue operations in Maharashtra

Overseas Network, July 25. India has recently entered the rainy season, causing serious floods, mudslides and other disasters in the western state of Maharashtra. The state government stated that at least 113 people have been killed as a result, and about 100 people are still missing.

The US “Wall Street Journal” reported on the 25th that after July entered Maharashtra, it ushered in the largest rainfall in decades. Several days of heavy rainfall have caused many roads to be blocked, and villages in many parts of the state are facing difficulties in traffic. In Talyyah, a village about 177 kilometers southeast of the capital Mumbai, 43 people were killed by mudslides, and 11 people in two other villages in the same area also died from mudslides.

The government of Maharashtra stated on the 25th that at least 135,000 people have been evacuated and about 100 people are missing. Local officials said that because some villages are remote and traffic is blocked by mudslides, rescue teams are still trying to enter the disaster area, and it is very difficult for people to evacuate. (Zhao Jianxing, Overseas Network)

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