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Indian MiG-21 trainer crashed, two pilots seriously injured – yqqlm

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Indian MiG-21 trainer crashed, two pilots seriously injured – yqqlm

Original title: Indian MiG-21 trainer crashed, two pilots seriously injured

An Indian MiG-21 (MiG-21) trainer crashed during training in the airspace of western Rajasthan at around 21:10 on the 28th. Two pilots were seriously injured and one of them was the wing leader. According to media reports, the Indian Air Force will completely phase out the same type of aircraft by 2025.

The Indian Air Force’s statement late that night confirmed that the MiG-21 trainer crashed accidentally. The military will set up an investigation team to understand the cause of the accident.

According to Indian media reports, since January 2021, six old military planes have crashed in India, killing five Air Force pilots.

India still has 4 air force squadrons using MiG-21 fighters. The Air Force will decommission the 51st Squadron by Sept. 30, sources said.

The 51st Squadron became famous in February 2019, when the Indian government claimed that a MiG-21 fighter jet of the 51st Squadron took off to intercept and shoot down a Pakistani F-16 fighter; Pakistan denies this claim.

The report said that after the 51st Squadron is decommissioned, there will be three MiG-21 squadrons left, and the Indian Air Force plans to decommission one squadron every year, and by 2025, the MiG-21 fighters will be completely eliminated.

The MiG-21 has been in service with the Indian Air Force since the early 1960s and has been involved in about 200 major accidents to date. In order to replace the old-fashioned fighters called “flying coffins”, the Indian Air Force has gradually replaced them with Su-30 fighters and self-made light fighters.Return to Sohu, see more

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