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Infanta Sofía turns 17: this is the most unknown of the royal family

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Infanta Sofía turns 17: this is the most unknown of the royal family

This April 29, Infanta Sofía turns 17 years old. The youngest daughter of King Felipe VI, whom we saw this weekend
at the Masters 1000 in Madrid, to support Nadal, and Letizia, is also exposed to public scrutiny, as is her older sister, Princess Leonor, who has just been named Adoptive Daughter of Zaragoza. However, her figure is much more unknown. Not in vain, precisely because she is not the heir to the throne, she has not had her own agenda, although things are going to change gradually.

Indeed, last week an important step forward was taken in this regard. The creation of the
Heritage Objective awards. Infanta Sofía Photography Contest. A contest whose main purpose is to provide the places that are part of the National Heritage and which represents the first time that you will have to face an institutional event alone and preside over an awards ceremony. He is also expected to give his first public speech.

We cannot forget that the first time we were able to listen to her was when she read at the age of 13
a passage from Don Quixote in April 2020. It was done electronically, since at that time Spain was living under strict confinement rules to prevent the coronavirus pandemic. Four years later, she is more than prepared to live that moment that will not be before October, once the awards have been announced.

Kings Felipe and Letizia have never wanted their youngest daughter, Infanta Sofía, to feel displaced and for this reason she has always been present in the events that mark the path of
his older sister, the princess of Asturiaswho is destined by birth to be the future queen of Spain.

Infanta Sofía, with her father, King Felipe VI. / LIMITED PICTURES

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While the Princess of Asturias is in Zaragoza carrying out her mandatory military training, her sister Sofía continues her secondary studies at the UWC Atlantic College in Wales, as the crown princess already did. At this point they are following parallel paths, with the difference that Infanta Sofía
you will not have to acquire that military training and you will be able to begin your university studies at the usual age.

Photographed from the cradle, like her sister, it has been seen in her public appearances or
during your holidays in Palma who is very nice, expressive and natural. She is also very close to the Princess of Asturias, because with her gaze they consulted everything about her, especially years ago when her public presence was not as established as it is today.

Beyond the events in which he has participated, the first without his parents and with his sister, in the summer of 2021, took place when he participated in the planting of trees in the Hayedo de Montejo, within the framework of the One Tree campaign for Europe. Let us also remember that
both sisters traveled to London in July 2022 to attend a women’s football Euro Cup match. Infanta Sofía’s public presence has been very protected from the public eye, as has that of her sister.

Infanta Sofía, in her childhood. / LIMITED PICTURES

Regarding her hobbies, it should be noted that Infanta Sofía is very athletic. Soccer would be her favorite sport, but she also assumes that she likes surfing and sailing, the latter a practice deeply rooted in her family. When
I studied at Nuestra Señora de los Rosales She participated, like another student, in school functions, seven years ago she took a cooking course with her sister at the Madrid restaurant DSTAgE and, it seems, she loves science fiction and the Star Wars saga films. . She also photographs it, hence the aforementioned contest was created with her name.

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Regarding the celebration of this special day for her,
Infanta Sofía will do it far from Spain and his family. It will be the first time, but surely his parents and his own sister will have something special prepared for him. He will celebrate with his classmates in Wales, where, it seems, he shares a room with two students with whom he would have fit in perfectly.

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