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Infection alarm in France, Macron closes schools for three weeks: it hadn’t happened for a year

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With over 35,000 infections and about an epidemiological one that shows no sign of waning, the situation in France is worrying. Thus, after a year, France closes the schools. This was announced by President Emmanuel Macron, speaking live on TV to the French. From next Tuesday there will be a week of distance learning, then two weeks of holidays for everyone (as expected but without regional diversification), then from April 26 the return for kindergartens and elementary schools with remote middle and high schools. From 3 May, everyone is back in class. University students will be able to continue to go to university one day a week. For them the rules remain unchanged.

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“The rules in force in the 19 departments under enhanced supervision will be extended to the entire metropolitan territory from Saturday evening and for four weeks,” Macron said. Who then added: “The virus circulates quickly, no region is spared today.” “44% of ICU patients are now under 65”. French President Emmanuel Macron said this, expressing concern over the spread of Covid-19. “We participated in a speed race. On the one hand, the spread of vaccination, which gives hope for an end to the crisis, and on the other hand, the spread throughout Europe of the new English variant of the virus. No region is now spared”, explained the head of state.

Moving between regions

In his televised message to the nation in the context of the fight against coronavirus, Macron then let the French know that they will be able to move from one region to another during the Easter weekend. “In the coming months, everyone must provide an extra effort” to defeat the coronavirus. French President Emmanuel Macron said in his message on TV, stressing that the British variant made “an epidemic appear in the epidemic”. A virus more “contagious and even more lethal.” After the controversy over the low increase in beds in intensive care, the French president then said that this number has already been raised to 7,000 and will soon be raised to 10,000.

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On TV, Macron acknowledged that he had “made mistakes” in managing the crisis, but also that he had “learned”. Just a few days ago, he said he did not have to make any ‘mea culpa’ for having decided at the end of January not to decree a new lockdown. “At each stage of this epidemic – he declared this evening – we could tell ourselves that we could have done better, that we made mistakes. All this is true”. But “I know one thing: we held up, we learned, and we got better every time”.

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