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Ingvild Kjerkol had to go – but appeared surprisingly ready to fight when she said goodbye – Dagsavisen

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Ingvild Kjerkol had to go – but appeared surprisingly ready to fight when she said goodbye – Dagsavisen

It went as it had to go. Ingvild Kjerkol and thus also the Prime Minister was about to be chased from stronghold to stronghold after her political future suddenly depended on a panel hearing at Nord University.

The sentence, which the public has not yet seen in its entirety, was too brutal. Kjerkol and her fellow student were convicted of knowingly and willfully cheating on the master’s thesis they submitted together in August 2021. She disagrees with the conclusion, but the cost of keeping her as a minister had become far too high. Now it was Ingvild Kjerkol’s turn to end his tenure as minister in the Støre government.

Kjerkol somehow could not avoid mentioning that 20 percent of the membership of the Labor Party is in Trøndelag.

I depend on trust, Kjerkol said at a joint press conference on Friday morning with the Prime Minister. She no longer had it. Not from the sector she was set to lead, probably not from the voters – and not from her boss.

In January, it was Sandra Borch who had to resign after being exposed as a cheat. A few months earlier, Anniken Huitfeldt had to resign due to a share purchase, not very long after the same fate befell Ola Borten Moe.

Disability, commuter housing chaos, sexual escapades. Anette Trettebergstuen, Hadia Tajik, Odd Roger Enoksen. The list of ministers who have left the Ap-Sp government is long, and on Friday it got even longer.

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Kjerkol almost surprisingly stood upright during her resignation as minister, even when she briefly burst into tears. Just take pictures, she told the photographers, because crying must be allowed. “I live well with my faults and shortcomings,” she said, adding that she tolerates mockery and teasing well.

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It appears as if she was ready to live on as health minister even with these mistakes and shortcomings and a “conviction” for plagiarism and cheating in her bag, but Støre could not live with that. A government in reverse cannot tolerate a minister caught cheating on a master’s thesis.

There is no reason not to believe Støre when he expressed how heavy this is. He has worked with Kjerkol in the health field since 2016. She has achieved a lot as a minister, both a clean-up and improvement of the GP scheme and necessary changes that will take us into the future. Kjerkol herself willingly recounted her victories at the press conference, and was no more blunt than that she claimed that some of them came as a direct consequence of the master’s thesis, which has now been canceled and became so costly.

The thesis may no longer give her a master’s title, but she learned a lot from writing it, Kjerkol said.

Støre expressed gratitude towards Kjerkol’s efforts. She herself also thanked in all possible directions for the privilege it has been to lead Helse-Norge – but did not mention the prime minister in her long list of everyone who deserves thanks.

It is not certain that we should put too much into that, but all the while Kjerkol emphasized at the same time that her party colleagues in Trøndelag take her departure seriously, we also cannot be too sure that it is civil peace that will characterize the Labor Party in the future.

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We can only speculate about that, in the same way that the speculation about who will take over as health minister is already in full swing. Stavanger Aftenblad’s man on the case couldn’t help himself, and asked if Hadia Tajik from Rogaland is a candidate. Støre wisely did not answer that specifically.

One wonders whether the Prime Minister should rather look for someone who has not been forced to leave his government already. He needs a spotless minister now, quite simply, who has neither dealt in shares, cheated in academia nor been involved in contract mess and commuter housing scandals.

And someone who does not want to be a red cloth for the wide range of members in the Trøndelag Labor Party, which Kjerkol will still lead. As early as the weekend, she will be present at party meetings in her home county.

Kjerkol somehow couldn’t avoid mentioning during the press conference that 20 percent of the party’s membership is located there, in the Middle Kingdom of Trøndelag. It’s her people. And there are people you want – and must – have on the team as leader of the Labor Party, and even more now that it is starting to pile up a bit, so to speak, with scandalized party leaders up there.

Ingvild Kjerkol thanked her in the government with a straight back, but not before she had been forced to her knees. Back is an even more damaged prime minister, who admittedly still denies that he roars in despair when he is alone and no one can hear him. It’s getting harder and harder to believe him on just that.

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In any case, his job was not made easier by the fact that his health minister submitted a master’s thesis in the run-up to the election campaign in 2021. But that’s how the days go in Norwegian politics these days, the top politicians drop like flies. It is only Erna Solberg who apparently survives everything.

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