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Innocent civilians in Afghanistan died in the U.S. bombing of the Pentagon’s designated candidates

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Original title: Innocent civilians in Afghanistan died in the U.S. bombing of the Pentagon. Source: China News Network

According to a report by the US Chinese website, the US Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby announced on the 21st that the US Air Force inspector general will lead the investigation of the accidental drone bombing incident on August 29. The attack caused the deaths of 10 civilians in Kabul, including 7 Children.

Air Force Inspector General Sami Said (Sami Said) will “investigate facts and circumstances related to civilian casualties” and report directly to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall. Kirby said Said will have 45 days to complete the investigation.

For more than two weeks after the attack on August 29, senior US military officials insisted that it was a reasonable attack, believing that it killed a member of an extremist organization that posed an imminent threat to the US military at the airport.

However, after many media including CNN raised serious questions about the attack, the Pentagon admitted to making “a tragic mistake.”

Frank McKenzie, the commander of the US Central Command, said: “I am here today to clarify the facts and admit our mistakes.” McKenzie said that the final decision to carry out the strike was made by the commander of the strike team in Kabul. In doing so, he had “reason at the time to believe” that the vehicle was an imminent threat.

Soon after the attack, the CIA issued an emergency warning that there may be civilians in the area, including children in the vehicle. But this warning came too late to prevent the Hellfire missile from hitting its target.

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It was Zamale Ahmadi, 43, who was killed in the bombing. He was an aid worker who applied for a visa to take his family to the United States, not a terrorist or facilitator as originally claimed by the military.

Mackenzie said that the United States is considering paying compensation to the families of those killed in the attack, although it is unclear how this will be done because there are no US troops or officials in Kabul that have direct contact with their families.

Kirby said he believes that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin will “absolutely support” the families of the victims to move to the United States, if they have the will to do so.

Sammy Said’s rank is lieutenant general. When asked whether a lieutenant general could hold a higher-level official accountable, Bryant said that the mission memorandum clearly stated that if the reviewing official believes that the accountability level needs to be raised to the four-star level, he must make an explanation to the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Air Force. .

Said has served as the Air Force Inspector General since February 2019. His investigation report will be submitted on November 5.


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