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Intense Fighting in Southern Ukraine as Both Sides Fail to Gain Ground

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Intense Fighting in Southern Ukraine as Both Sides Fail to Gain Ground

Intense fighting has been reported on the southern front of Ukraine, with both Russian and Ukrainian forces battling in the area around the villages of Verbove and Novoprokovika. Despite the fierce clashes, neither side has been able to gain significant ground.

Oleksandr Shtupun, a spokesperson for the Ukrainian forces, revealed that there had been some success in the Zaporizhzhya region, west of Robotyne. Ukrainian soldiers have witnessed the occupying forces suffer casualties in personnel and equipment. Shtupun mentioned that they have been making progress in the defended areas and have advanced approximately 100 to 600 meters in certain sections.

The recent weeks have seen gains and losses measured in mere hundreds of meters as Ukrainian forces strive to break through multiple Russian defensive barriers and make their way towards the important center of Tokmak. Shtupun noted that they were exerting pressure towards Melitopol and that 25 Russian soldiers had surrendered in recent days.

While the Russian side has not given up and is attempting to recover lost positions, Ukrainian troops and massive artillery support have been attacking Novoprokopivka. The Russian Armed Forces have had to level the front line at the northern approach to the settlement, but they managed to push back Ukrainian forces in Verbove.

The Ukrainian military has been employing long-range artillery to weaken Russian defensive units in the area. In a recent attempt, Russian forces were unsuccessful in recapturing lost positions west of Verbove and southeast of Mala Tokmachka.

The situation on the southern front of Ukraine remains highly volatile as both sides continue their efforts to gain an advantage.

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