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International News Bulletin on December 5 | Princess Aiko of Japan | France 2022 General Election | Pecles

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Beijing time:2021-12-06 12:27

[New Tang Dynasty Beijing time December 06, 2021]The Japanese Princess Aiko’s coming-of-age ceremony was unveiled and began to take on royal duties; in the French election of 2022, Pecles was elected as the Republican presidential candidate; Antarctica experienced a rare total solar eclipse. Check out a set of international news briefs below.

The Japanese King Naruhito and his wife held a coming-of-age ceremony for their only daughter, Princess Naruhito, at the royal palace in central Tokyo on Sunday to celebrate her turning 20.

Princess Aiko turns 20 on December 2 this Wednesday. On Sunday, she made her public debut in a custom-made long dress and a medal that symbolized adulthood awarded by Deren, officially joining the adult royal family and taking on the official duties of the royal family. The crown she wore was modified after borrowing from the crown of her married aunt, Kiyoko. This break broke the royal family’s 150-year tradition and saved 28 million yen. The simple style was well received.

The candidates for the French presidential election in 2022 will be introduced one after another. On Saturday, the French right-wing Republican primary election was announced, and Ms. Valérie Pécresse, the chairman of the Paris Region Council, was elected as the presidential candidate. After winning, Pecles said: “I have good news today that the right-wing Republicans are back!”

The Agence France-Presse analysis pointed out that Pecres becoming a Republican candidate is most detrimental to Macron who is running for re-election. This may re-attract to the Republican party the centrist who turned to the Macron faction and voters who were lured by the extreme right.

3. The Sudanese coup military said it would withdraw from politics after the 2023 election

On October 25, a military coup in Sudan overthrew the transitional government led by Prime Minister Hamdok. The coup has triggered widespread condemnation by the international community. Two weeks ago, after reaching an agreement with the military, Hamdock, who was under house arrest, resumed his position; but his caretaker cabinet is mainly an old member of the dictatorship of President Bashir. On Saturday, the head of the Sudanese army, General Burhan, said in an interview with Reuters that the military will withdraw from politics after the July 2023 election is scheduled. But he said that the former ruling party that was overthrown in the coup did not have any role in the transitional government.

4. Antarctica experiences a rare total solar eclipse

A video released by NASA shows a rare total solar eclipse seen in western Antarctica on Saturday. Antarctica is daylight from mid-October to the beginning of April, but a total solar eclipse plunges the continent into darkness for a few minutes. Part of the solar eclipse can be seen in South Africa, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. The next total solar eclipse in Antarctica will have to wait until 2039.

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