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International Women’s Day: End of the beery clichés

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International Women’s Day: End of the beery clichés

For a long time, beer was seen as a purely men’s drink – which is historically incorrect and is factually refuted every day.

Linz (OTS) –

International Women’s Day, which is celebrated annually on March 8th, is an opportunity to highlight inequalities and advocate for gender equality. This year, under the motto #InspireInclusion, the aim is to draw attention to the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Aside from the – undeniably important – political demands at different levels, there are also small mental hurdles, stereotypes and clichés that persist but can easily be broken down – this is also the case with beer, as Gabriela Maria Straka, Director Corporate Affairs & ESG Sustainability at the Brau Union Austria, says: “Beer was traditionally in the hands of women all over the world – brewing was originally a female craft. The beer party was even a forerunner of the coffee party. And even today, the numbers from the latest beer culture report show us: the beer difference between men and women is smaller than many people assume.”

Bierkultur im Fokus

For example, both men and women see the importance of beer for Austrian beverage culture at a very high level – 89 percent of men express themselves positively here, compared to 86 percent of Austrian women. The difference was even smaller compared to the previous year (men: 89%, women: 83%) or, given the statistical fluctuation, was negligible. There is also a convergence in terms of consumption and purchasing behavior.

If you look at which individual aspects of beer culture are valued, a rather homogeneous picture emerges: for example, for 59 percent of men it is important which glass they drink their beer from, while 53 percent of women find it relevant . 46 percent of men and 41 percent of women use special beer glasses to consume beer at home; in the catering industry, around 50 percent (53% of men and 48% of women) want different beers to be served in different glasses.

When it comes to the criteria for beer consumption in the catering industry, women and men are similarly demanding: 73 percent of women consider bar hygiene or a magical tap system to be essential in the catering industry, while 70 percent of men say this. 63 percent of men and 59 percent of women expect the beer to be at the perfect temperature; 54 percent of men and 49 percent of women want a perfect, beautifully tapped beer. When women drink beer, they most often choose Märzen (45%), Zwickl (32%), Pilsner (31%) and Weizenbier (30%).

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All of these figures come from the current beer culture report, for which the Brau Union Austria commissions a representative study from the Market Research Institute every year in order to get to the bottom of current developments and trends in Austrian beer culture – available online at: Beer culture – Brauunion Austria

About Brau Union Austria

Brau Union Austria sells over 5.0 million HL of beer in a year – with fifteen leading beer brands, over 100 types of beer and ongoing innovations. The company stands for international premium brands such as Heineken, Desperados and Sol, the cider brands Strongbow and Stibitzer, top brands that are widespread throughout Austria such as Gösser, Schwechater, the wheat beer brand Edelweiss and the alcohol-free Schlossgold as well as brands with strong regional significance such as Zipfer, Puntigamer, Wieselburger, Kaiser, Schladminger, Reininghaus, Villacher and Fohrenburger. 2,700 employees across Austria ensure that around 49,000 customers and millions of beer lovers across the country are supplied with beer. It goes without saying that Brau Union Austria relies on the best raw materials, highest quality and sustainable production – both in the environmental and social areas. For this, Brau Union Austria was awarded the “GREEN BRAND” rating. Brau Union Austria has been part of the international HEINEKEN family since 2003. www.brauunion.at

Questions & Contact:

Mag. Dr. Gabriela Maria Straka, EMBA
Member of the Management Board
Director Corporate Affairs & ESG Sustainability
Press spokesperson
Certified beer sommelier
Tel.: 0664 838 1864
E-Mail: [email protected]

MMag. Monika Steinkogler, BA.
Corporate Affairs
Beer sommelier
Tel.: 0664 838 1766
E-Mail: [email protected]

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