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International Women’s Day: The women of Vattenfall make the difference

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International Women’s Day: The women of Vattenfall make the difference

Vattenfall is a strong player in the energy market and a successful driver of the energy transition in Europe. This is also a story of female success. Our top management level, Executive Group Management (EGM), sets the strategic direction for all of Vattenfall. Here the number of women is 6 to 5 higher than that of men. As part of Vattenfall Women in Energy Week, we want to highlight the success stories of our women and report on the work across our company that aims to help more women advance and have fulfilling careers.

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Kerstin Ahlfont, CFO and EGM member of Vattenfall, on the way forward: “In 2018, Vattenfall signed “Equal by 30”, an international initiative that advocates for equal pay, leadership and opportunities for women in the energy sector by 2030 and involves 13 governments and over 130 organizations are involved. I’m proud of our progress because when you look at how well women are represented in leadership positions, we’ve seen an increase from 24 percent in 2018 to 32 percent in 2023. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but we want our successes celebrate during this year’s International Women’s Week at Vattenfall by drawing attention to the issues surrounding women in the workplace. The D&I Office has put together a special program for this week. I’m happy to be personally involved.”

The female managers at Vattenfall are strong. At the beginning of last year, our President and CEO, Anna Borg, a prestigious award from Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri. They declared her the most powerful businesswoman in Sweden. Late last year, TIME Magazine named her among the world‘s 100 most influential players in the fight against climate change. Women make the difference and pave the way for a better future for everyone. It is our women who contribute to this overall success. Every great woman is a leader in her own way.

As a signatory to Equal by 30, Vattenfall is committed to achieving equal leadership, opportunities and pay by 2030. Aside from the hard work involved in implementing systemic change, it is crucial that knowledge is circulated and “feminine” issues are brought to the forefront. This year’s Vattenfall Women in Energy Week, ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, did just that and served as an opportunity to address topics that matter: employee perspectives, female leadership, menopause and the workforce, inclusive recruiting, allies, Intersectionality and more. Kerstin Ahlfont contributed personally by participating in an open session with Swedish multinational telecommunications company Telia on progress in gender diversity.

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Was ist Equal by 30?

Equal by 30 is an international initiative that advocates work based on the principles of equal pay, equal distribution of leadership positions and equal opportunities for women in the energy sector by 2030. Vattenfall signed this agreement in 2018along with 13 governments and more than 130 organizations worldwide.

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