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“Inventing Anna”, the real Anna Delvey has become an artist

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“Inventing Anna”, the real Anna Delvey has become an artist

What happened to Anna Delvey (or rather Sorokin)? The artist. The story of the false heiress, first told by a Jessica Pressler investigation for New York Magazine and then transformed into the hit Netflix television series, “Inventing Anna”, has managed to thrill millions of viewers around the world. Described by most as a genius, but at the same time as a criminal mind, now the woman, awaiting extradition to Germany, has decided to tell her story through an exhibition, held a few days ago in the spaces of the Public Hotel in New York: in the center of it, twenty drawings made in the Orange County jail, where she is still being held.

“I’m really excited to unveil my first art collection, Allegedly (Presumably),” Sorokin said in a surprise link via a videotaped message from the detention center. I was in the ICE Orange County Detention. I wanted to capture some moments of my past life, iconic and never seen before, using the few tools at my disposal. Some pieces are simple, others more abstract, unique for the shape and meaning of the observer. He did not hide his past in approaching this subject: I studied fashion illustration at Parsons in Paris, I had never drawn until my trial ».

The collection, according to a well-known art dealer, will have a value between 400,000 and 500,000 dollars, while a spokesperson for Delvey has made it known that it will also be possible to buy prints of some works, starting at 250 dollars. Clearly in a limited edition: «It will be possible to have only 48% of the collection, as 53% will remain in the hands of the Founders Art Club». Before the opening of the exclusive exhibition, the guests were able to benefit from the open bar, complete with a cocktail dedicated to the artist, “Anna on ICE”.

Of Russian descent, Anna Sorokin has managed to deceive New York’s high society, posing as the heir to a wealthy German family, the Delvys. Flaunting a high lifestyle, starting with the luxurious hotel she had moved into, she has cheated several wealthy people, getting to borrow a lot of money or involving them in her project of an eponymous and phantom foundation for contemporary art. She was unmasked and arrested in 2017, and convicted two years later on charges of fraud and aggravated fraud, after leaving bad accounts between hotels, restaurants, banks and friends. Although she earned $ 320,000 from the rights to the series, Anna she was unable to “get back” her good life. With most of her earnings, she had to pay off her debt, which amounted to $ 270,000.

But in the end something with art managed to combine it. «You have already heard several rumors – concluded the false heiress – but this is the beginning of my story of my story, the facts from my point of view. I hope you enjoy the exhibition ».

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