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Investigation into the explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipeline Info

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Investigation into the explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipeline  Info

On Thursday, Denmark called on the operator of Nord Stream Two, Nord Stream AG, to help rescue an unknown object found not far from the only remaining intact gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea.

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In September of last year, three explosions occurred on the “Nord Stream” gas pipelines, which were built to transport Russian gas to Germany. The explosions took place in the exclusive economic zones of Sweden and Denmark. Both countries said the explosions were deliberately triggered, but have not yet determined who was responsible.

Last week, Danish authorities announced that during an inspection, a tubular object was found, protruding from the bottom about 40 centimeters and about ten centimeters wide. The pipeline is managed by the operator “North Stream Two AG”, whose headquarters are in Switzerland.

“In order to clarify the nature of the case, the Danish authorities made a decision to extract it with the help of the Ministry of Defense. The Danish Energy Agency has therefore invited the owner of the gas pipeline to participate in the operation,” the statement of the Energy Agency states, adding that they are still waiting for a response. .

The gas pipeline operator is under the control of the Russian energy giant “Gasprom”. The authorities have assessed that the object in question does not pose a security risk.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week that a ship chartered by Gazprom found an antenna-like object about thirty kilometers from the site of the explosion.

Next week, the vote on the Russian resolution

The vote on the Russian resolution asking UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to form a commission to investigate the sabotage of the North Stream gas pipelines will take place on March 27, the Russian mission announced today.

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“The vote will be held on March 27,” the announcement states.

In February, Russia presented a draft resolution to the UN Security Council asking the UN Secretary General to conduct an independent international investigation to verify allegations by journalist Seymour Hersh that America was responsible for the pipeline sabotage.


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