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Investigation into the stampede at the Houston Music Festival continues, the deceased is only 14 years old

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Original title: Investigation into the stampede at the Houston Music Festival in the United States continues. The deceased was only 14 years old. Source: Reference News Network

Reference News Network reported on November 8 According to a report from the Associated Press on November 7, local time on the evening of November 5 in the “Astro World” music festival held in Houston, Texas, the largest city in the United States, the crowd was overcrowded and a stampede occurred, killing at least 8 people. Among the victims, the youngest was 14 years old and the oldest was 27 years old. The authorities said they did not want to disclose the name of the deceased, but the family and friends of the deceased shared the accounts of their loved ones with reporters and social media.

Houston officials said the deceased ranged from 14 to 27 years old. Officials also said that they are conducting preliminary investigations to find out what caused the riots at the scene. At the time, there were about 50,000 people there.

Franco Patino, 21, is studying for a degree in mechanical engineering technology at the University of Dayton, his father Julio Patino said in an interview. His son is a charismatic and energetic leader who is very active in the community and is committed to helping the disabled. He is working with a team to develop medical equipment to help his mother walk again. His mother was He was seriously injured in the car accident.

Jacob Junecke is 20 years old this year, a junior at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. His family said in a statement that he pursues a love of art and media, and there are two more Zhou, Juneck will celebrate his 21st birthday.

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He was going to a music festival with Patino. Patino was his friend and former middle school football teammate, said Patino’s father Julio Patino.

Jacob’s father Ron Urinek also said in an e-mail statement: “We have all collapsed and our lives have become crippled ever since.”

Brianna Rodriguez’s family told People magazine that Brianna was one of the people who lost their lives at the concert. According to the magazine, she is 16 years old, a student at Highland Middle School, and loves to dance.

According to reports, Rudy Pena from Laredo, Texas, is a student of Laredo College and wants to be a member of the border patrol. His friend Stacy Salmiento described him as a person who gets along well with others. (Compile/Xu Yanhong)

On November 6, Houston Fire Chief Peña introduced the stampede of the “Astronomy World” music festival to the media at a press conference held in Houston, USA.Xinhua News Agency


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