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“Iran’s missiles soon to hit European cities”: the Israeli minister’s alarmist propaganda on Twitter. Tajani: “No risk”

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“Iran’s missiles soon to hit European cities”: the Israeli minister’s alarmist propaganda on Twitter.  Tajani: “No risk”

“Soon in a city near you. Stop Iran now, Before it’s too late”. Since the hours following the attack of Hamas on October 7, the Israeli government activated its security machine propaganda to ask for the full support of the West in what would later prove to be the bloodiest military campaign in Gaza in the history ofJewish state‘. The militiamen of the Palestinian armed party and their supporters, including Iran, were immediately defined as “like ISIS and the Nazis“, transforming Israel’s war in the Strip into the struggle of the country governed by Benjamin Netanyahu for the survival of the entire West.

And it is therefore not surprising to see how this propaganda, hosted on the foreign minister’s social channels, Israel Katzhas in the messages and images a reference to the threats present in the videos and in the magazine published by the ‘media’ department of the Islamic state in the years in which the Caliphate ruled important portions of Syria e Iraq. The militiamen in black under the Colosseum and the bloody knives at the feet of the Torre Eiffel they were replaced, in the same symbolic places of Europe, by missiles from the Islamic Republic. The message conveyed by Israel is clear: help us defeat Iran or you will be the next to suffer an air attack like the one on April 13th.

Thus, the Israeli minister started from Germania. In the video the Ayatollah’s calls for war Ali KhameneiTehran’s missiles intercepted over the skies of Israel and after the images of Brandenburg Gate, symbol of the German capital and possible target, according to the minister and his propaganda, of a hypothetical Iranian attack in the heart of Europe. A few days later it was the Colosseum’s turn to become the target of Iranian militias. Until today, April 21, when the latest video published by the head of diplomacy of Tel Aviv shows a peaceful breakfast with coffee and croissants with a view of the Eiffel Tower interrupted by images of Shiite religious demonstrations in the French capital and a warning: “La Iranian revolutionsoon in a city near you.”

Alarmist messages that aim to keep Western countries’ support for Israeli military plans tight. Support that has greatly diminished in recent months, after more 30 thousand dead provoked by the non-stop raids of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the Gaza Strip and the peak of tension reached with the regime of ayatollah. So much so that the Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajanidecided to intervene to tone down the exasperated tone of his Israeli counterpart: “I don’t think there is a hypothesis of an attack on the West” by Iran “which also makes serious mistakes – he declared referring to the images released by the leader of Israeli diplomacy – Giving drones to Russiagive drones and weapons to Hezbollah that’s no good. We must avoid creating the panic“. And he then went on to repeat what the line of Italy and its allies is on the new conflict in the Middle East: “We dedicated three days of the work of the G7. We have worked for de-escalation, trying to use all possible diplomatic tools to prevent the situation from worsening. It seems to me that we have achieved some results. A joint work to achieve the cease-fire in Gaza, therefore the release of all hostages they humanitarian aid for the civilian population. The project was highly appreciated, even in the final document Food for Gaza, which is the Italian project to help the Palestinian civilian population.” Finally, he recalled that a ceasefire also means not entering Rafah with ground troops: “We asked Israel not to carry out ground attacks on Rafah. We must avoid creating panic, without prejudice – he concluded – that we are friends of Israel and Israel’s right to exist cannot be questioned”.

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