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Iris Apfel – a style icon – dies – MONDO MODA

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Iris Apfel – a style icon – dies – MONDO MODA

Fashion and style icon, Iris Apfel died late on Friday night, March 1st. Born in New York, she died at the age of 102 at her home in Palm Beach, Florida, the favorite state for elderly Americans to enjoy the last years of their lives away from the cold.

Textile entrepreneur and interior designer, Iris became famous when she was already 80 years old. The rise of social media has turned her into a fashion icon. Ironically, she called herself “the oldest teenager in the world”.

Being her own person, she never wanted to follow trends. She was one of the first women to wear jeans. She created a maximalist and unique style. The glasses with huge round frames were the trademark, as well as the use of many bracelets and the impeccably combed short hair.

Barbie Iris Apfel @divulgação

Apfel was not afraid of colors, prints and mixtures. Not even from other people’s opinions. In fact, this was the greatest lesson he left to his disciples: live according to your own will, without caring about the evaluation of others. After all, they will always speak badly.

When she was 93 years old, Iris received a documentary on Netflix. The human side stood out over the exotic figure. The viewer discovers the affectionate wife who had fun with her fun husband, Carl, who died at the age of 100 shortly after filming. They lived together for almost seven decades. They had no children.

Iris Apfel @ Disclosure

At the beginning of 2019, Nathalia Timberg premiered the play ‘Através da Iris’, based on the life of the flamboyant influencer. Cacau Hygino’s text highlighted the pains and delights of aging. The honoree approved the show.

“It’s truly incredible to see your life interpreted and represented. Thank you to the team in Brazil who worked hard to accomplish all of this”, wrote Iris Apfel on a social network.

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