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Israel announced that it will ban foreigners from entering the country as the first country to block the border to prevent mutant virus strains

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Israel announced that it will ban foreigners from entering the country as the first country to block the border for the prevention of mutant virus strains

Some countries have recently reported cases of a new variant of the new coronavirus strain B.1.1.529 (“Omi Keron”). In order to prevent the entry and spread of this new virus strain, many countries have imposed entry restrictions on international flights and passengers. Among them, Israel announced on the 27th that it will close its borders and prohibit all foreign tourists from entering.

Following Belgium’s report on the 26th of Europe’s first case of infection with the “Omi Keron” strain, on the 27th, the United Kingdom,Germany, Italy has also successively reported confirmed cases of infection,Netherlands, Czech Republic also reported the discovery of related suspected cases.

According to Reuters, in order to prevent the invasion of the epidemic, Israel announced on the 27th that it would close its borders and bar all foreign travelers from entering, becoming the first country in the world to block its borders due to the “Omi Keron” strain. According to Prime Minister Bennett, the ban may last for 14 days. This mutant strain is “very worrying” and Israel is “on the verge of entering a state of emergency” and everyone must be prepared.

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced on the 26th that the country had discovered the first case of infection with a new variant of the virus and two suspected infections. The Israeli government convened an emergency meeting on the same day to declare all countries in central and southern Africa as “red zones” and prohibit entry of people from these countries. The decision took effect immediately. Israelis who have returned from these countries last week must immediately begin a 14-day quarantine in hotels.

In addition to Israel, many countries have introduced prevention and control measures to prevent the spread of the virus strain. US President Biden issued a statement stating that due to the discovery of new variants of the new crown virus, the United States will restrict flights to eight countries in Africa, including South Africa, starting from November 29.

British Prime Minister Johnson held on the 27thnewsThe press conference announced that all international travelers need to undergo a nucleic acid test on the second day after arriving in the UK and need to self-quarantine before getting a negative result; everyone who has close contact with the “Omi Keron” strain infection must self-quarantine 10 days, whether or not vaccinated.

European Commission President von der Lein issued a statement on the 26th that the mutant strain may spread all over the world within a few months. The European Union decided to activate the “emergency brake” mechanism and suspend flights to and from seven countries in southern Africa.

Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt announced on the 27th that the Australian government will implement additional border security measures, including suspension of flights from nine African countries.

In response to the travel ban issued by various countries, the South African Minister of Health criticized it on the 26th that it was “unfair” and “sloppy” for many countries to issue travel restrictions. “The new crown virus is a global health crisis. We must work together. Not to punish the other party.”

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