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Israel is preparing for a possible attack by Iran

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Israel is preparing for a possible attack by Iran

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In recent days, Israel has adopted a series of measures to prepare for a possible attack by Iran: it is a possibility that has been considered increasingly concrete for days now, and viewed with growing concern due to its possible consequences throughout the Middle East region. Orient.

According to local media, the Israeli government has alerted local authorities to prepare for the possibility of an attack, including by setting up a series of public shelters. Last week, the Israeli army also suspended leave for some soldier units, recalled a number of reservists and strengthened its anti-aircraft defense systems.

Since the war in the Gaza Strip began, Iran has never directly attacked Israel, as various allied groups have repeatedly done, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Houthis in Yemen. The hypothesis of a direct attack was made after the Israeli bombing, last April 1st, against the Iranian embassy in Damascus, Syria: the bombing, which was not claimed by Israel, killed Mohammad Reza Zahedi, an important general of the Revolutionary Guards, powerful Iranian military force.

Several sources informed of the facts, both Iranian and US, told the American media that an attack by Iran against Israel could be carried out in the next 24 hours. However, these are information and warnings to be taken with caution: things could change quickly and it seems that the Iranian authorities they haven’t given yet no authorization to carry out any type of operation.

On Friday, Daniel Hagari, spokesman for the Israeli army, he said that it had made an assessment of the situation and had “approved plans for a number of scenarios”, following information received on Iran’s alleged plans for an attack. Hagari gave no further details, and added that he had asked the population to remain vigilant.

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News has also circulated about the alleged partial evacuation and the strengthening of security in some Israeli diplomatic offices, which have not yet been confirmed by the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

The United States, Israel’s ally, has also taken a series of measures to deal with a possible attack by Iran. They have transferred other military assets to the Middle East: one of them is the destroyer USS Carney, transferred to the eastern Mediterranean Sea from the Red Sea, where it was busy dealing with Houthi attacks. President Joe Biden has too sent to Israel his most important general in the Middle East, Michael E. Kurilla, with the aim of coordinating possible military maneuvers. The United States has also stepped up its diplomatic efforts to avert an attack.

Meanwhile, always in the event of an Iranian attack, various countries they invited its citizens not to go to Israel: among these France, India, Russia, Poland and the United Kingdom. The German Foreign Ministry, however, has advised German citizens in Iran to leave, in the event that a military clash leads to the closure of possible exit routes. The US State Department has instead banned its diplomatic personnel in Israel from leaving Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Beersheba.

Various hypotheses have been made about the type of attack Iran could carry out, probably with missiles and drones.

The option currently considered most unlikely, and the most serious, concerns a direct attack on Israeli territory. Another hypothesis is that Israeli embassies abroad will be hit, especially in the Arab world, or territories occupied by Israel but not recognized by the international community, such as the Golan, a Syrian territory that Israel annexed in 1981. Not it is still to be ruled out that the attack came from one of Iran’s allies, such as the Syrian and Iraqi Shiite armed groups (Iran is a country with an overwhelming Shiite majority, one of the two main orientations of Islam).

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According to some US officials interviewed by Financial Timesand informed about the content of some talks between Iran and Oman, a state that has often facilitated diplomacy between Iran and the United States, the Iranian attack will in any case be contained: according to these officials, Iran’s objective is to respond to the Israeli bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus, but without leading to an extension of the war.

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