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Israel: possible attack on Tel Aviv Gay Pride thwarted

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A possible attack in Tel Aviv during Gay Pride foiled. According to what is learned from several local press sources including the Jerusalem Post, the police arrested a man of about 30, residing in Tel Aviv, found in possession of several weapons including an electric taser, and steel chains. The man, in custody, will be questioned by the police. In addition to him, it is learned that six other people have been arrested. And today, the Hazon movement, which had been largely inactive for over a year, also revived at Gay Pride to protest the parade; a person jumped with a parachute with the words “Father + Mother = Family”.

Rabbi Dror Aryeh, one of the leaders of the movement, spoke out harshly against the parade, saying: “Those who didn’t want us on the ground, they’ll take us up in the air. We will reach as many people as possible with our message, it is our right to protest legitimately and legally against these abominable parades ». Aryeh said many of the residents of the towns where the parades take place are against it, but are “scared” by the homosexual community. “We are their voice,” added Aryeh,

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