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Israel, post with Iranian missiles on the Colosseum. Tajani: «No to alarmism»

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Israel, post with Iranian missiles on the Colosseum.  Tajani: «No to alarmism»

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«Iran’s recent attack on Israel is just a preview of what cities around the world can expect if the Iranian regime is not stopped. The world must designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization and sanction Iran’s ballistic missile program before it is too late,” Israeli Foreign Ministry Israel Katz wrote on to shoot down six missiles.

A few hours later Katz spread the same message, this time with the Eiffel tower. The writing, in English, French and Hebrew, says: “Stop Iran before it’s too late”, addressed to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, German Foreign Minister Baerbock, French Minister Sejourne and to the English one David Cameron. In the video, with the Eiffel Tower in the background, in the foreground there is a quiet scene of a gentleman about to have a croissant and a cappuccino, interrupted by a gunshot.

Tajani’s response was not long in coming: «I don’t think there is any possibility of an attack on the West» by Iran «which also makes serious mistakes, such as giving drones to Russia and giving drones and weapons to Hezbollah and that’s no good. We must avoid creating panic”, commented the Italian Foreign Minister. “There are also other European objectives,” says Tajani. “More than worrying, we need to take care.” The commitment is for de-escalation, he said, not ruling out a conversation with the Iranian minister “in the next few days”.

«We dedicated three days to the work of the G7, that is, of the great liberal economic powers that have a common vision, European, American and Asian. We have worked for de-escalation, trying to use all possible diplomatic tools to prevent the situation from worsening. It seems to me that we have achieved some results”, continued Tajani. «The commitment we have made is to continue working», a «joint work to achieve a ceasefire in Gaza, therefore the release of all the hostages and humanitarian aid for the civilian population. The Food for Gaza project, which is the Italian project to help the Palestinian civilian population, was highly appreciated, and also in the final document. We asked Israel not to carry out ground attacks in Rafah,” she reiterated.

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«We must avoid creating panic, without prejudice», concluded Tajani, «that we are friends of Israel and Israel’s right to exist cannot be questioned. The hypothesis of erasing Israel from the map is a hypothetical period of unreality. The ultimate goal is two peoples and two states that recognize each other. A Palestinian state that is born, if it wants our support and recognition, must recognize Israel just as Israel will have to recognize this country.”

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