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«It can spread to Italy». After the first seizures, a doctor was arrested in Rome

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«It can spread to Italy».  After the first seizures, a doctor was arrested in Rome

A widespread network that brings together all the protagonists in the field of “anti-drugs” to prepare for the advance of a “deadly” opioid that only… Already a subscriber? Log in here!





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A widespread network that brings together all the protagonists in the field of “anti-drugs” to prepare for the advance of a “deadly” opioid which has caused over 200 thousand victims in the United States alone. “Fentanyl” is not yet an emergency but the analysis of international drug trafficking requires the utmost attention in Italy. It is no coincidence that in recent days the General Directorate of Prevention of the Ministry of Health issued a “level three alert” (the maximum level) on the “strengthening of prevention measures for pharmaceutical preparations based on Fentanyl and its derivatives”. It is a very powerful analgesic, an opioid produced by chemical synthesis. Its effects, experts calculate, are at least a hundred times greater than those of morphine. If taken instead of heroin it can easily lead to a fatal overdose. “A pinch of this opiate – explain accredited sources – is equivalent to the effect of a handful of heroin”. At the beginning of February, even before the circular, an inter-force meeting had brought all the “anti-drug” specialists to the table to discuss measures and practices to be adopted. Starting from the checks on the narcotic substances that the police find themselves seizing on a daily basis and the following laboratory analyzes which from here onwards must also be carried out to search for and/or isolate the presence of the “Fentanyl”.

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This is why protocols will be initiated in the over twenty laboratories in the area as well as staff training will be carried out to prevent mere “contact” with the opioid from creating problems for agents and soldiers, as has also happened in the United States where contact with the drug alone triggered acute reactions. Prevention is also necessary in the face of a, albeit limited, circulation of the drug in the non-healthcare sector.

The first seizures – three main ones – scheduled for 2022 took place in Rome and Milan. It is from these cities that we begin to talk about the use of “Fentanyl” not only in the operating room and not only in hospital departments but also as a narcotic to supplement or replace heroin which has become forcefully back in fashion. Then, again in the capital, last December an anesthesiologist working in the Castelli Romani health authority was stopped by the Nas police and accused of fraud against the regional health system and possession of narcotics for the purpose of dealing. In fact, in addition to morphine, “Fentanyl” was also found in his backpack. And in addition to hospital channels, the investigators’ spotlight will focus on the “dark web” because it is also from here that the opiate is sold and marketed illegally through very small shipments. But in addition to the reported seizures, there are beginning to be the first cases of drug addicts “saved” after suspicious intakes. The Villa Maraini foundation, a historic organization that has been fighting all forms of drug addiction in Rome for years, currently has two recent confirmed cases of users being treated for problems related to “Fentanyl” while other users being treated in the methadone clinic «have reported – the foundation makes it known – doubts about some batches of heroin used, because the effects were too strong compared to normal, therefore leaving the suspicion that it was not heroin but “Fentanyl” itself”.

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Which suggests that the “leap” has been made even if, naturally, we are in a phase «not yet full-blown alarm», as more than one investigator agrees. It is that phase for which, according to international movements on drug trafficking, work is done to allow the “system” to respond with any means and in any way to the possible advance of the substance. In short, a preparatory phase also in the face of a reduction in heroin use in the near future. Again based on the latest international analyses, in the near future there should be an almost total reduction in heroin use due to the crackdown on the cultivation of opium poppies in Afghanistan. Which is why synthetic drugs or pharmacological derivatives would advance.


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