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It was a week after the accident happened when a helicopter of the Philippine Navy landed | Helicopter | Philippine Navy | Philippines

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Original title: Was destroyed by strong winds?An accident occurred when a helicopter of the Philippine Navy landed, and it was only revealed after a week

  [环球网报道 记者 张海潮]An AW-109E helicopter of the Philippine Navy had an accident when it landed in the early morning of September 26, but the Philippine military did not confirm the news until a week later. In addition, the details of the accident, whether it crashed or the helicopter was damaged during landing, are still Ambiguous. It is reported that the helicopter was swept by strong winds, rolled over and was destroyed, but this statement has not been confirmed by the information released by the Philippines.

Philippine Navy AW-109E helicopter data map

According to a report from the Philippine News Agency on October 3, the Philippine Navy confirmed on the 3rd that one of its AW-109E helicopters discovered a “landing accident” and is currently investigating to determine the exact cause of the accident.

According to reports, Philippine Vice Admiral Adruis Boldado said that the helicopter crash investigation is underway. “We are conducting a thorough and detailed investigation to determine the cause in order to clarify the accident and prevent its recurrence in the future. International experts from (Agusta) are assisting in the investigation.”

According to the report, the AW-109E helicopter with the tail number NH-435 was involved in an accident in the Lalo area of ​​Cagayan at around 2 am on September 26.

Bordado stated that the helicopter returned home after performing an internal security mission in support of the North Luzon Command and attempted to land on the designated site. “As a landing procedure, all devices of the AW-109 helicopter have been grounded.”

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He also added that the pilot and crew suffered “very minor” injuries and were only left in the medical facility as a treatment procedure.

According to aviation professionals, there are two versions of the Philippine Navy’s helicopter accident. One version stated that the NH-435 helicopter was tilted when it was only 3 feet above the ground; another version stated that the helicopter was swept by strong winds and then rolled over and was destroyed.

Neither of these statements gave a positive response in the information from the Philippines.

Reports show that the AW-109 is a 3-ton 8-seater multi-purpose helicopter. The Philippine Navy has purchased 5 AW-109Es with a total value of 1.33 billion pesos (about 26 million US dollars). They were delivered from 2013 to 2016, and two of them were armed.


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