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Jacques Doillon denies the accusations of Judith Godrèche, Anna Mouglalis and Isild Le Besco

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Jacques Doillon denies the accusations of Judith Godrèche, Anna Mouglalis and Isild Le Besco

At the microphone of France Inter, Thursday February 8, Judith Godrèche accused Jacques Doillon of sexual assault. In the process, Anna Mouglalis and Isild Le Besco denounced the behavior of the director, who denies it outright.

She decided to stop being silent. Judith Godrèche filed a complaint against Benoît Jacquot for “violent rape of a minor under the age of 15”. Complaint in which she also mentions the actions of a director: Jacques Doillon.

According to information from “ Monde », who consulted the complaint, filed Tuesday February 6, 2024, Judith Godrèche describes a rape which allegedly occurred at the home of Jacques Doillon, while she was testing for the film “The 15-year-old girl” (1989). She was only 14 years old then.

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The accusations of Judith Godrèche

“Doillon asks me one day to lie down on the bed and he tells me that for breathing he has to get closer to me to be able to really write this character,” she told investigators, who expanded the rape investigation targeting Benoît Jacquot to Jacques Doillon.

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And added: “He puts his fingers in my panties and makes me lie down on the bed, and with his jeans on, still wearing his jeans, he starts to rub himself on me to make himself come. » That’s not all, the director also allegedly attacked the actress on the set.

It was at the microphone of France Inter, Thursday February 8, 2024, that Judith Godrèche said: “On the set, it was mind-blowing. He hired an actor […], he fired him and he took over. Suddenly he decides that there is a love scene, a sex scene between him and me. We do forty-five takes. I take off my sweater, I’m shirtless, he gropes me and makes out with me. »

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Forced kiss and sexual blackmail

In the process, two other actresses denounced the actions of Jacques Doillon, testifying to “Le Monde”: Anna Mouglalis and Isild le Besco. The first remembered an evening in 2011, during which she and her companion Samuel Benchetrit invited Jacques Doillon to their house in Uzès.

“One evening after dinner, there were only two of us in the room. It was in the stairwell on the landing which opened onto my daughter’s bedroom and mine where I was going to join Samuel who had gone to bed earlier. He forcefully kissed me and I pushed him away. It’s astonishing to attempt something like this, in these conditions. There is such a feeling of impunity, such reification. »

Isild Le Besco said that Jacques Doillon had “removed” her from the casting of his film “Carrément à l’Ouest” (2001) because she would have “refused to sleep with him”. “It was quite subtle, unsaid,” said the actress, who was only 17 at the time of the reported events.

Jacques Doillon denies outright

Friday February 9, 2024, Jacques Doillon completely denied the accusations of the three actresses to the AFP. “That Judith Godrèche and other women through her are keen to denounce a system, an era, a society, is courageous, laudable and necessary,” declared the 79-year-old filmmaker in the preamble.

“But the justness of the cause does not authorize arbitrary denunciations, false accusations and lies,” he continued. Before dismantling the accusations point by point. In response to Judith Godrèche, he declared that the sex scene was “in the script”. “Judith Godrèche obviously read and reread the script since she even claimed to have written it. »

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As for his replacement of the actor initially hired, Jacques Doillon specified that he had “ended his commitment at the end of the first week of filming due to insufficiently clear texts and problems of rhythm which did not fit with that of adolescents. According to him, it was the producer who insisted that he take on the role himself.

Jacques Doillon then described Anna Mouglalis’ statements as “grotesque”, and accused Isild Le Besco of having “made people believe that she was on another shoot while she was on vacation” in order to withdraw from the project. “I never committed the acts with which I am accused and I will bring to justice, since it is now seized, all the factual elements at my disposal to demonstrate my innocence. »

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