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“James Bond” actress Pamela Salem has died

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“James Bond” actress Pamela Salem has died

Actress Pamela Salem. Here between two models at a fashion show in 1983. Photo: PA Wire / Pa Photos / NTB

Pamela Salem, who starred with Sean Connery in two films, turned 80.

Friday 23 February at 22:43

The death is confirmed by the production company Big Finnishwhere Salem was employed.

Big Finnish writes that Salem was born in Indiana (USA), before she later went to Europe and studied in both Germany and England.

Pamela Salem (TV) with Sean Connery and actress Barbara Carrera. Photo: PA Photos / Pa Photos / NTB

Salem played the role of “Emily Trent” in “The First Great Train Robbery” from 1978.

Later, in 1983, she starred with Sean Connery again in the “James Bond” film “Never Say Never Again”. Then in the role of “Miss Moneypenny”.

Salem has also had roles in the TV series “Doctor Who”, “Blake’s 7” and “The West Wing”.

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