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Jan Böhmermann fails with his lawsuit against beekeepers

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Jan Böhmermann fails with his lawsuit against beekeepers

Defeat for Jan Böhmermann in court: The satirist wanted to forbid a beekeeper from advertising honey with his face.

the essentials in brief

  • Jan Böhmermann criticizes in his show “ZDF Magazine Royale” a beekeeper from Meissen.

  • He took advantage of the mention and advertised with a picture of the satirist.

  • Böhmermann took legal action against it – and lost.

The situation is somewhat strange: Jan Böhmermann criticized the beekeeper Rico Heinzig from Meißen in his program “ZDF Magazin Royale”, saying he was becoming a kind Greenwashing operate. He turned the tables and brought out a “beewashing” honey – with the likeness of the satirist. Böhmermann didn’t want to accept that.

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Jan Böhmermann receives legal defeat against beekeepers

The 42-year-old presenter saw his Personal rights injured and wanted to ban the beekeeper and honey producer from selling and advertising honey with his face. He sued – and lost in the first instance. The Dresden Regional Court rejected Böhmermann’s application for an interim injunction as “substantially unfounded,” as a civil judge announced on Thursday (February 8).

The ZDF report was about “beewashing” – a form of greenwashing in which… Bee deaths be instrumentalized. In response, beekeeper Heinzig released a “Beewashing” honey and advertised it as Böhmermann. As he himself said, this is one satirical reaction on the broadcast of November 3, 2023.

Legal dispute with beekeepers: Böhmermann is appealing

Böhmermann could no claims for injunctive relief for violation of his personal rights with regard to his name and image, according to the decision of the regional court. The judgment is not final and an appeal to the Dresden Higher Regional Court is possible. There will most likely be negotiations there too. Because Böhmermann’s lawyer has already announced the appeal. “The illegal offer of goods for the purpose of maximizing corporate profits is not satire. In the case of ‘Satire against Business‘, the satire is of course being appealed,” said Torben Düsing MDR Sachsen.

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The judge said that when weighing up personal rights, the court rated Heinzig’s interests worthy of protection higher than those of Böhmermann. She largely followed the defendant beekeeper’s argument. Accordingly be it Advertising campaign as satire been recognizable. Böhmermann, on the other hand, threw Heinzig Commercialization before.

Annalena Baerbock was also a victim of satire. However, the Foreign Minister successfully defended herself against this.

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