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Jan Thomas remembers Eivor Øvrebø

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Jan Thomas remembers Eivor Øvrebø

Eivor Øvrebø, Team Models leader and stalwart in the Norwegian fashion industry, has died. Øvrebø died on Monday. She lived to be 77 years old.

It shares Team Models on Instagram on Wednesday, according to The daily newspaper.

Eivor Øvrebø is dead

As head of Team Models, one of Norway’s largest modeling agencies, Øvrebø discovered and lifted Norwegian girls and boys, women and men, into the international fashion world for over 50 years.

Among those who remember her is celebrity stylist Jan Thomas (57) – who has known the model mother for a number of years.

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– Terribly difficult

– I think this is terribly difficult. I haven’t quite got it in yet. Eivor came into my life when I was just a boy of 16-17. She saw me for what I was. I was probably a little different from the other boys in her stable… I was a tall, thin boy with long hair – not the typical boy model, but she always made me feel good. She was never condescending to me. She saw me – and gave me a chance. It was a unique ability.

BIG AFTERMATH: Eivor Øvrebø is considered a stalwart within the Norwegian modeling industry. Photo: Truls Brekke/Dagbladet Show more

Jan Thomas remembers Eivor as an honest, determined and warm lady who always stood up for him. He also says that she was clear with him, and told him that his modeling career would probably not take off until he was a little older.

– It was probably her way of saying that I had to grow up a bit. I have only nice words to say about her. She could use her position and power for something else, but she never did.

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– They broke me!

Among the cheerleaders

The 57-year-old first started his modeling journey in Europe, before setting his sights on the USA in 1986. Then Eivor was also among his biggest supporters.

– She helped me. Easily. She was helpful with modeling agencies in LA, and gave me the confidence to think that I had a chance to succeed. I can only speak for myself, but I can name several big models who probably owe Eivor’s career.

SUPERMODEL: Jan Thomas worked as a model in the USA. Then Eivor was one of those who helped him. Photo: Private Show more

– She will never be replaced. Eivor is one and only the most important person in the Norwegian fashion industry ever. She was tough, caring and kind. I am grateful to have been allowed to be a part of her life for so many years. She was an adventurous person, and has taken good care of me. She will be deeply missed by many. The whole of Fashion Norway owes her a single big thank you.

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