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Jan Tore Ophaug back in FFK! / Fredrikstad

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Jan Tore Ophaug back in FFK!  / Fredrikstad

Jan Tore Ophaug back in FFK! / Fredrikstad

FFK strengthens the team around the recruitment team with Jan Tore Ophaug joining the team with Jørgen la Cour.


He has played over 250 matches at the top level in Norway and Denmark, and he has worked as a coach in FFK previously, both in the academy and around the A team. He now takes up the role of assistant coach for Jørgen La Cour and G19/Rekrutt. Jan Tore works on a daily basis as a trainer and supervisor at Wang Ung and Wang Toppidrett. He will then combine this with his job at FFK. This is therefore a very good solution as a large proportion of the players in the academy also attend Wang.

Pettersen very satisfied

The development manager, Magnus Pettersen, is very satisfied with the latest addition to the coaching staff of the Development Department.

“Jan Tore brings with him top player experience and experience as a coach from a high level. He has a big heart for the club, and he is very passionate about player development. He will fit in perfectly with our hungry coaching staff and will be a great sparring partner for Jørgen going forward. At the weekend, G14 narrowly lost to Bodø Glimt, G15 won comfortably over S08, G17 crushed Bodø Glimt, while Rekrutt narrowly lost 0-1 against the big promotion favourites, Hønefoss. This shows that we are taking daily steps and I am still convinced that in the years to come we will produce top players and strong results through our academy.” Narrated by Magnus Pettersen.

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Published: 23/04/2024

Written by: Fredrikstad FK


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