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Janik Siner on Novak Djokovic | Sport

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Janik Siner on Novak Djokovic |  Sport

Janik Siner spoke about Novak Djokovic in selected words.

Source: Lillian SUWANRUMPHA / AFP / Profimedia

Janik Siner will attack very soon the first place on the ATP list that he holds Novak Djokovic. He can take over the throne already during the clay tournament season. He can further reduce the difference if he makes a good result at the Masters in Madrid. After that comes the tournament in Rome, then Roland Garros.

Before the start of the competition in the Spanish capital, he spoke to journalists. He gave an interesting answer when the media asked him if he considered himself the best tennis player on the planet right now.

That question is difficult to answer. We always look at the current situation and sometimes it’s good, but sometimes it’s not. I believe that I cannot compare myself with Djokovic and everything he has done. I have great respect for him“, Siner pointed out.

Then he mentioned Carlos Alcaraz. “I also have a lot of respect for Carlos, he won more than me. I respect both of them. I try to play my tennis, to give the maximum. I’ll see what I can achieve.”

Due to Djokovic’s withdrawal from the tournament in Madrid, Janik will be the first seed.

“Of course it gives me great pleasure, but realistically it doesn’t change anything. I’m here, I’m still learning to play well on clay. The conditions are a little different than in some other tournaments, we play at a height, the ball moves faster. I had a lot of trouble finding my level of play here, so it will be interesting to see how I play. If I manage to find the right level of play on clay it will be good.”

He has the same goal as Novak – he wants a medal in Paris.

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The Olympics are an important event for me. I couldn’t play last time, so I’m happy to be a part of such a big event. I will talk and get to know many other athletes, I want to understand the way they think and train. After Madrid, there is a tournament in Rome, which is important for me, because I am Italian. There are also grand slams, which are of great importance for our sport. I hope and expect a lot of positive moments. At the same time, I am aware that I can improve even more if I want to win more tournaments,” Siner concluded.

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