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Japan: nuclear-contaminated water is “safe” Sea fish: can’t breathe- Scroll-中工网

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Japan: nuclear-contaminated water is “safe” Sea fish: can’t breathe- Scroll-中工网

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[Truth | Cartoon Commentary]Japan: Nuclear Polluted Water Is “Safe” Sea Fish: Can’t Breathe

The Japanese government’s plan to discharge nuclear-contaminated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the ocean has entered the countdown. The Japanese government has been trying to prove that “the treated nuclear-contaminated water is safe”, but more and more evidence shows that such public relations rhetoric “cannot wash away” nuclear-contaminated water.

The latest test results show that the radioactive element cesium contained in the fish caught in the harbor of the Fukushima nuclear power plant exceeded the standard, reaching 180 times the Japanese legal standard, which is shocking. So far, Japan has not provided sufficient scientific and factual basis to address the concerns of the international community on the legitimacy of the sea discharge plan, the effectiveness of purification devices, the reliability of nuclear-contaminated water data, and the uncertainty of environmental impact. The performance and efficiency of the long-term high-load operation of the multi-nuclide purification system (ALPS) used to treat nuclear-contaminated water is also in doubt.

Fijian Minister of the Interior and Immigration Tiko Dua Dua recently attended the Shangri-La Dialogue and asked directly in front of Japanese officials: “Japan says nuclear-contaminated water is safe, why doesn’t it keep it?” Gao Ming’s public relations rhetoric can’t be fooled. The ocean is not Japan’s “sewer”, and nuclear-contaminated water must not be left alone.

Text/He Suoyi

Figure/Hyman Ping

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