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Japan, strong earthquake in Fukushima. Tsunami warning, then it is lifted

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Japan, strong earthquake in Fukushima.  Tsunami warning, then it is lifted

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Fukushima, in northern Japan, prompting the authorities to sound the tsunami warning. The event was recorded at 11:36 pm local time, 3:36 pm in Italy. The alarm was later lifted by the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, while the Japanese Meteorological Agency confirmed it, albeit at a low level. According to NHK TV, 20cm high waves reached the coast in one area. There were no casualties or significant injuries, but many people were hospitalized.

7.3 magnitude earthquake in northern Japan: the quake shakes the buildings in Fukushima

The quake struck 60 kilometers deep under the sea. This is the same area devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, which triggered a nuclear disaster. Back then, the earthquake was of magnitude 9.0.

Ironically, the episode happens just a few days after the 11th anniversary of that devastating event (March 11).

7.3 magnitude earthquake in Japan: vast blackout in Tokyo

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, which manages the nuclear power plant that caused the 2011 disaster, said that the checks did not reveal any anomalies in the plants being decommissioned and in Tokai plants, located further south, in the Ibaraki prefecture.

The tremor, lasting several minutes, was felt with great intensity over a large part of the Kanto area, the Tokyo plain, causing blackouts. Tepco reported that around 2,090,000 homes in nine prefectures of the archipelago were left without light.

There is also the derailment of a Shinkansen high-speed train on the Tohoku line, which connects Tokyo and Aomori. There were about a hundred people on board. Fortunately, no one was injured.

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