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Japan’s increasing number of confirmed cases of new crown hits a new low this year

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Japan’s increasing number of confirmed cases of new crowns hits a new low this year

Hangzhou Net release time: 2021-11-23 12:56

Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, November 23. According to the statistics of the Japan Broadcasting Association TV station, Japan has 50 new confirmed cases of new crown on the 22nd, and 6 new confirmed cases in Tokyo that day. Both figures hit new lows this year.

According to statistics, as of the 22nd, Japan has a total of 1,726,167 confirmed cases; 2 new deaths and a total of 18,348 deaths. Tokyo has had less than 30 new confirmed cases in a single day for 11 consecutive days on the 22nd.

In addition, according to data published on the website of the Prime Minister’s residence of Japan, as of the 22nd, the total number of vaccinations for the new crown in Japan exceeded 196 million doses, with a one-dose vaccination rate of 78.6% and a two-dose vaccination rate of 76.2%. Among them, the complete vaccination rate for people over 65 years old is over 91%.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Hiroshi Matsuno said a few days ago that Japan will basically complete the new crown vaccination work for voluntary vaccinators within November, and plans to promote the booster vaccination work starting in December.

Source: Xinhuanet Author: Editor: Li Jiayang
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