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Jelena Dimitrijević was overturned by the waves Entertainment

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Jelena Dimitrijević was overturned by the waves  Entertainment

Serbian presenter Jelena Dimitrijević tried to shoot challenging shots in the sea, but she did not expect this.

Source: Instagram/_jelena_dimitrijevic/printscreen

Jelena shared the moment when she was filming on the beach, and then the bad luck that happened to her. She first filmed in a bikini that highlighted her silicone breasts in the foreground, and then she was suddenly covered by a strong wave.

Beautiful Crete cannot be entered without injury“, the presenter jokingly wrote.

00:21 Jelena Dimitrijevic Source: instagram/_jelena_dimitrijevic

Source: instagram/_jelena_dimitrijevic

By the way, Helena Topalović’s husband, Dragan Aleksić, was married to Jelena Dimitrijević, with whom he has a child, before marrying her. Jelena once spoke about her marriage with her ex-husband Dragan Aleksić. She then revealed that she is not in a good relationship with the father of her child and that she is not interested in the fairy tale that the daughter of singer Milan Topalović shows on social networks, and even threatened them.

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SHE WAS RECORDING A “HOT” VIDEO ON THE BEACH, THEN GETTING BLAMED! Grand’s host showed off her big breasts, and then the wave CRASHED!

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Source: Instagram/_jelena_dimitrijevic/printscreenNo. image: 7 1 / 7 Source: Printscreen/Grand MagazinNo. picture: 7 2 / 7 Source: Instagram/_jelena_dimitrijevicNo. image: 7 3 / 7 AD Source: Instagram/screenshot/_jelena_dimitrijevicNo. image: 7 4 / 7 Source: YouTube/screenshot/ Parovi TV HAPPYNo. image: 7 5 / 7 Source: Instagram/screenshot/_jelena_dimitrijevicNo. image: 7 6 / 7 AD Source: Printscreen/Grand MagazinNo. picture: 7 7 / 7


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