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Jelena Majstorović canceled house arrest | Info

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Jelena Majstorović canceled house arrest |  Info

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina canceled the house arrest of the former head of the Group for Prevention of Smuggling and Misdemeanors in the Regional Center of the ITA in Banja Luka, Jelena Majstorović, Capital announced.

Source: CIN

According to the claims of the source of this portal from judicial circles, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina ordered Majstorović to be banned from leaving Banjaluka instead of house arrest.

The measure of house arrest was also lifted for her former colleagues and associates Radenko Popović and Steva Savić, who were also sentenced to a ban on leaving their place of residence, and in the case of Popović, it was Gradiška.“, the source explains.

Majstorović, Popović and Savić were arrested on December 22 last year together with ITA officers Vladimir Puzić, Vladimir Đurđević and Elvis Džaferagić.

They were arrested on suspicion that during 2017 and 2018 they blackmailed the owners of shops they found guilty of violations, and that they demanded and took bribes from them in exchange for lenient treatment or impunity.

Prosecutor Elvira Stanojlović, justifying the request for detention against the arrested persons, stated that this prosecution collected 26 witness statements, of which at least twenty were injured.

“When you have so many witnesses, some of whom are elderly, who have no reason not to tell the truth, then we think that there really is no doubt that these statements are not true, that is, the accuracy of these statements cannot be doubted,” Stanojlović said. .

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She assessed that in the period from 2017 to 2020, the suspects acted as an organized group organized and managed by Majstorović.

“In that way, by exceeding their official authority, they caused damage to others and severely violated the rights of others, and obtained a financial benefit for themselves that exceeds 50,000 KM,” Stanojlović said.

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina ordered a one-month detention for Majstorović, Popović and Savić, while Puzić, Đurđević and Džaferagić were released with measures prohibiting communication with other suspects and witnesses.

Majstorović, Popović and Savić were in custody until January 20, when that strictest measure was lifted and they were placed under house arrest, and now that measure has also been lifted and a ban on leaving their place of residence with mandatory reporting to the police once a week has been lifted, writes Capital.

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