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Jiang Feng: Explain why the CCP’s “Taiwan Independence Sanctions List” avoided Tsai Ing-wen | Jiang Feng | CCP | Tsai Ing-wen | Xi Jinping | Sanctions | List | List | Li Ao | Li Kan |

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Jiang Feng: Explain why the CCP’s “Taiwan Independence Sanctions List” avoided Tsai Ing-wen | Jiang Feng | CCP | Tsai Ing-wen | Xi Jinping | Sanctions | List | List | Li Ao | Li Kan |

[Voice of Hope, August 17, 2022](Comprehensive report by our reporter Xin Ji)On August 16, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China announced the sanctions list for a new batch of Taiwanese dignitaries, including seven people including Xiao Meiqin, Taiwan’s diplomatic envoy to the United States. This is the second time China has issued a sanctions list since 2021. Will this move by the CCP have any substantial significance? Why did it not sanction President Tsai Ing-wen?

In the new episode of “Jiang Feng’s Talk” program, We-media commentator Jiang Feng explained these issues in depth.

Sanctions have also helped Taiwanese politicians to gain the benefits of votes and the reputation of anti-communist heroes

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the People’s Republic of China announced a sanctions list on August 16, which listed a new group of so-called “Taiwan independence” die-hards who will be sanctioned, including Taiwan’s representative to the United States, diplomatic envoy Xiao Meiqin, and the National Security Council. Secretary-General Gu Lixiong, Vice-President of the Legislative Yuan Cai Qichang, Chairman of the DPP League Ke Jianming, Deputy Secretary-General of the DPP Lin Feifan, Legislator Chen Jiaohua, and Legislator Wang Dingyu. Sanctions include prohibiting them and their families from entering mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, and restricting their affiliates from cooperating with relevant Chinese organizations and individuals.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the People’s Republic of China announced the list of sanctions against “Taiwan independence” (Photo: Video screenshot)

Will this action have any substantial meaning? If your friends from the mainland can’t see clearly, you can use yourself as an analogy. For example, the Workers’ Party of Korea suddenly announced that you will not be allowed to enter North Korea. Do you feel any discomfort? In a country that does not have any freedom of travel and does not allow its own citizens to freely enter and exit the country, can you walk freely when you go there?

Let’s talk about Li Ao, it seems that he can come and go freely in mainland China, and he can be regarded as a guest of the CCP, but his various heartaches, his thoughts of being castrated, especially for a freedom like Li Ao For activists, not letting him say what he wants to say, the imprisonment of his thoughts, is more painful than the imprisonment of the flesh in Ludao back then.

Li Kan, Li Ao’s son, recalled that Li Ao’s most famous speech at Peking University was when he was greeted to talk more about national reunification and less about liberalism. After Li Ao passed away, he only had three books including “Beijing Fayuan Temple” that could be published in the mainland. His son took a lot of patience, time and sincerity to negotiate with the Information Bureau of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China. According to the authority of the CCP department, the Information Bureau can be released. , but they did not let it go, and in turn threatened whether or not the book could be published, to expressly imply Li Kan: To publish a book, you Li Kan must do something in Taiwan. See, Li Ao’s value is exhausted, so it’s time to use his son.

What can be done? It is to be an insider of the CCP, to be an inner responder, to do things that betray your conscience and the people of Taiwan. Li Kan University studied at Peking University, which was really fooled by the CCP, and wanted to “serve the motherland”, that is, to serve the CCP. Fortunately, Li Kan went to Europe after graduating from University, where he was taught by Professor Fang Dewan, who studied the history of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, the history of the Cold War, and the lies and violence of communism, and revealed a corner of the truth.

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Of course, Li Kan’s real change came from the fact that the CCP used Li Ao to wake up Li Kan. At that time, Li Kan was investigating a large number of people from other provinces in Taiwan’s military dependents’ village (the ethnic group who moved from the mainland to Taiwan with the Kuomintang army in 1949), and asked them: You support reunification, but the books of a deceased like Li Ao can be strictly guarded. How can you make me believe that we, Deep Blue, support reunification today, and if reunification is real, the Communist Party will abide by its promise? I really don’t believe it. I said I don’t believe it, do you believe it? These dark blue people were speechless.

Li Kan, son of Li Ao
Li Kan, son of Li Ao (Photo: Video Screenshot)

In fact, from the changes of Li Ao and his son Li Kan, you can know that the CCP gives you a share of freedom to walk in mainland China, in the “liberated areas”, and in the occupied areas in the perception of the Republic of China, and you need to pay a price.

However, the real problem is by no means limited to those who are sanctioned by the CCP who have no sense of the sanctions. Such sanctions will make the sanctioned people proud. This is a bill to completely cut off greed and completely cut off evil. More importantly, polls in 2021 have already shown that 82.5% of Taiwanese people dislike the CCP.

Taiwan polls
Polls in Taiwan show that 82.5% of Taiwanese people dislike the CCP. (Image: Video Screenshot)

So, do the politicians the CCP want to punish have a firm grasp of the 82.5% of the public opinion and vote base? The CCP’s sanctions have actually strengthened its most hated opponent. Does it know the stupid things it does?

Sanctions have helped the mainland people who have been suffering for a long time more yearn for freedom and democracy

In fact, this matter cannot be viewed from the perspective of Taiwan alone. From the first batch of the so-called sanctions list in 2021 to the newly released list today, great changes have taken place in the mainland, and the legitimacy of the CCP’s continued rule in exchange for “reform and opening up” has been completely stripped. Xi Jinping’s absurd and inhumane zero-clearing policy is very in line with the party spirit and the CCP’s characteristics of completely controlling the people. These policies have destroyed the only superficial economic figures that China can show off to the world.

According to the latest economic data released by the National Bureau of Statistics of the Communist Party of China on August 15, the unemployment rate of the 16-24-year-old population survey in July rose to 19.9%.

China's youth unemployment rate is 19.9%
China‘s youth unemployment rate is 19.9% ​​(Photo: Video screenshot)

The age group that everyone looks at this figure includes fresh college graduates. When the CCP’s commercialized higher education system has exploited the living savings of two generations, and even in many rural areas, it sacrificed the education opportunities of several siblings in the family to raise a college student. Under such huge sacrifices, Chinese universities Graduates, looking for jobs in many places in Dongguan, were assigned positions that cost 6 yuan per hour. In addition to the unemployed, the education investment of three generations of a family is completely wiped out. What a tragic national tragedy!

Besides, the terrifying figure of the youth unemployment rate of 19.9% ​​is still largely concealed according to the CCP’s usual rules of the digital game. For example, if you have a rural hukou, your job is to farm the land. If you look for a job in the city, but you grow potatoes at home, you will not be counted as unemployed; now the economy is very bad, the company requires everyone to write a letter of willingness to reduce If you don’t write a salary statement, you will even resign. Resignation means that you have no desire for employment. If you are lying flat, it is not considered unemployed. It also stipulates that only those who have paid social security for one year are called unemployed, and a large number of jobs without social security are all unemployed. Can’t get into the statistics. People who know Chinese society say that multiplying this number by the CCP by two will not make any difference from the real situation. That is,Nearly 50% of China‘s young workforce is out of work. What a society this is!

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Therefore, the CCP now wants to treat Taiwan as a “child” and call it home, but unfortunately it can’t go up in seniority, and the capital for self-confidence is gone. It is estimated that it will soon have the heart of being a grandson. In the past short year, due to the hardships experienced by mainland people, fewer and fewer people echoed the propaganda of the CCP’s Wolf Warriors.

What mainland exclusive interests will these “Taiwan independence” people lose due to the CCP’s sanctions? First of all, they lost the health care of poking their noses in long lines every two days, they lost the high interest rate of urban banks that only allow deposits but not withdrawals, and they lost the forcible non-payment of bank loans after buying unfinished buildings. It is generous; more importantly, the young “Taiwan independence” elements have also lost the joy of copying the party constitution and learning to build a strong country with their sweethearts.

This list of “Taiwan independence” elements sanctioned by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the Communist Party of China not only helps politicians on the other side to gain the benefits of votes and the reputation of anti-communist heroes, but also helps mainland people to remember the bittersweet: the bitterness lasts for a long time, democracy So sweet!

Interpretation of the sanctions list leads to three major problems in cross-strait politics

There are three more points to study about the CCP’s sanctions plan:

First, since the CCP claims that “Taiwan is a part of China” and has sovereignty over Taiwan, why does it not allow its own citizens to enter its own country? If Taiwanese citizens need visa approval from the CCP to enter Hong Kong, Macau, and the mainland, you can’t issue a visa to one of your own provinces, right? Doesn’t this prove that China has no jurisdiction over the Republic of China at all? Has the CCP itself proved that the people of Taiwan actually live in an area under the jurisdiction of an independent political power? This is the concept of sovereignty in international law. You have no jurisdiction, how can you say that Taiwan is part of your sovereignty?

Second, the CCP prohibits the sanctioned affiliates from interacting with the mainland, but their direct affiliates are the Taiwan Legislative Council and the Democratic Progressive Party caucus. In other words, is the CCP not allowed to deal with the Taiwan Legislative Council? So what about the KMT members in the Legislative Council? In the past, people who understood kung fu were called “the gun picks a line, and the stick hits a large area.” If you go down with this stick, won’t the united front work accumulated over the years and even those third forces be crowded out? It can be seen that its sanctions plan is so rough and chaotic.

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Third, the CCP has already created a sanctions list in 2021, and this time there are two sanctions lists in total. Party media have long attacked: Lee Teng-hui is in hell, Chen Shui-bian is in prison, and now the leader of the bandit is Tsai Ing-wen; Tsai Ing-wen is a monkey, killing chickens. It means that the ultimate target of sanctions is Tsai Ing-wen. In fact, we have already said that the CCP’s sanctions list is a “hero list”. The ultimate goal of attacking Tsai Ing-wen can only help Tsai Ing-wen’s political ideas be promoted.

However, the real reason why the CCP has not attacked Tsai Ing-wen is because its various sanctions plans have been imitating the United States‘ sanctions plan against the CCP, especially the countermeasures that began after the “anti-extradition” movement in Hong Kong, from the so-called “anti-extradition” movement. From the Sanctions Act to the weaving of specific sanctions lists, the United States is following the same trend.

In February 2022, the U.S. Congress already proposed to raise the level of sanctions to the leader of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping, in accordance with the “Taiwan Relations Act” in response to the CCP’s threat of force against Taiwan. The Chinese and American high-level officials do not know how much communication and blending they have done to suppress this matter.

Then, once Tsai Ing-wen, as the president of a democratic country, is sanctioned, the United States and other countries will surely escalate the personal sanctions against the CCP to the highest level of head of state. Tsai Ing-wen does not go to the mainland, will it have any impact? absolutely not. But what about Xi Jinping being sanctioned? The family’s property in the West can’t be obtained. Who would be in a hurry between the two?

In particular, we know that there was a Bo Xilai who competed before Xi Jinping became the general secretary. Bo Xilai was convicted of torture by major Western countries for persecuting Falun Gong and organ harvesting. In 2008, Vice Premier Wu Yi used this reason to push back Bo Xilai, who was about to take over the post of Vice Premier. It is a national shame for you to go abroad. Can the leaders of the party and state not go abroad? Therefore, Xi Jinping is really worried about the sanctions imposed by the United States on him, and provides a reason for the party to attack him: whether the president or the general secretary, go abroad to go around.

Combining these factors, once the CCP sanctions Tsai Ing-wen, it can be regarded as the biggest challenge to Taiwan’s democratic system, and the US Congress will escalate to the last level of countermeasures and sanction Xi Jinping reciprocally. Therefore, don’t look at the abuse and clamor on the Internet. It is Xi Jinping who is really guilty. Once he is sanctioned, he will not only lose his family’s wealth, but his entire political life.

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