Home World Jiang Feng: Exploring the strange and broken tablets of the Nanjing version of the Yasukuni Shrine to find out the real “pilgrims” | Jiang Feng | Nanjing | Yasukuni Shrine | Party Media | Xuanzang Temple | Wang Jingwei | | Japan | Yuwen Kishida | Incense

Jiang Feng: Exploring the strange and broken tablets of the Nanjing version of the Yasukuni Shrine to find out the real “pilgrims” | Jiang Feng | Nanjing | Yasukuni Shrine | Party Media | Xuanzang Temple | Wang Jingwei | | Japan | Yuwen Kishida | Incense

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Jiang Feng: Exploring the strange and broken tablets of the Nanjing version of the Yasukuni Shrine to find out the real “pilgrims” | Jiang Feng | Nanjing | Yasukuni Shrine | Party Media | Xuanzang Temple | Wang Jingwei | | Japan | Yuwen Kishida | Incense

[Voice of Hope, July 23, 2022](Comprehensive report by our reporter Xin Ji)Mr. Jiang Feng, a current commentator from the media, has made his exploration of the strangeness in the new episode of “Jiang Feng’s Talks” about the discovery of Japanese war criminals’ tablets at Xuanzang Temple in Nanjing, where public opinion is hot in mainland China. Layers of suspicion find out the real “pilgrim” of this incident.

Today is the weekend. During the weekend morning tea time on the membership website, Fang Wei and I talked about a few topics. Among them, this time, there was an incident of worshiping Japanese war criminals at Xuanzang Temple in Nanjing, and all of a sudden the mainland Internet was boiling.

The incident on the memorial tablets of Japanese war criminals caused a stir on the mainland Internet (picture: video screenshot)

But what is the truth? Who is the one who sets up the tablet? There are too many oddities in the incident. This matter, except for some sensitive and more personal views are broadcast live on the member website, I think this matter is constantly fermenting in mainland China, it is very necessary to provide an independent reflection on this anti-intellectual and irrational nationalism clamor thinking angle. So I recorded today’s tea talk as a complete program to share with more friends on Youtube. As for the Nanjing version of the Yasukuni Shrine, let’s just be a detective once to find out.

The first is a detail: what kind of tablet is enshrined. this point is very important. The vast majority of posts in China, and even the official account of the party media’s website, actually say that they are enshrined tablets of immortality. What is a “Longevity Tablet”? It is to eliminate disasters and prolong life, and to pray for good health. As soon as you hear this, you will know that this is a tablet for the living, for those who are alive in this world. But in this incident, it is said that the donor was called “Wu Ah Ping”, and the tablets enshrined were all people who passed away. How could it be a longevity tablet?

I can’t see the key words no matter how zoomed in the photo I have now. I only see the words “sheng, position”. Is the left or the upper part of the longevity, or the supernatural super, or the rebirth, the key The words are blurred, but it does not affect our judgment.

The Xuanzang Temple, where the accident happened, was built by the Wang Jingwei government during the Japanese occupation during the Anti-Japanese War. It houses the parietal bone relic of Master Xuanzang.

Xuanzang Temple offers the parietal bone relic of Master Xuanzang
Xuanzang Temple offers a parietal bone relic of Master Xuanzang (picture: video screenshot)

Those who have studied the history of Chinese Buddhism very much know that there is a stone letter buried under a site in Yuhuatai, which contains Xuanzang’s relic. Everyone in Buddhism knows the preciousness of this relic, especially Xuanzang, which represents the authentic history of Buddhism. inherited. So the Japanese soldiers prepared to build a shrine in Yuhuatai to worship the Japanese soldiers who died in battle. Of course, most of the Chinese people do not understand the concept of shrines. The simplest one is the so-called Martyrs Cemetery. The Japanese dug up Xuanzang’s relic.

Of course, there are some unclear points in the historical records. In the end, was there someone in the Japanese army who had a thorough research on Buddhism and instructed the army to dig? Or did the Japanese army dig a shrine and get it by accident? It is not clear. But at that time, there were many officers in the Japanese army who had deep knowledge of Chinese culture and Buddhist studies. But it so happened that the ground was broken on Xuanzang’s relic stone letter, which is unlikely.

In addition, in the history of the CCP, it is said that the Japanese dug up the airport in Yuhuatai, which is even more difficult to scrutinize, because friends who are familiar with Nanjing know that Yuhuatai was originally called Jubao Mountain. ah? So much flat land is not needed, so what are you doing to dig mountains? What’s more, this is where Nanjing’s Ming City Wall is located. Nanjing’s Chengnan Culture, Zhonghua Gate and Andermen Gate are all here. The plane must not hit the wall when it takes off.

What the history of the CCP is even more reluctant to say is that Wang Jingwei and Japan fought hard to get some of the relics back. It is said that the Chinese people are fighting for it, which Chinese people will ask the Imperial Japanese Army for it? The Eighth Route Army has gone to hide in the mountains, and they want relics from others? Isn’t Wang Jingwei a big traitor? How could he do something powerful to the Chinese?

Wang Jingwei
Wang Jingwei argued with Japan to get back some of the relics of Master Xuanzang (picture: video screenshot)

Because of the excavation of Xuanzang’s relics, many Buddhists believe that it is Buddha’s intention to raise the dynasty, which can be regarded by the secular world as a omen of great auspiciousness that conforms to the will of God. It is also because of this that the Wang Jingwei government negotiated with Japan: You asked me to help you manage China and jointly build the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. You have to help me. I will be very popular if I take the relics back. However, the Japanese side was too reluctant to part with this Buddhist treasure. They fought over and over again. Japan secretly kept a part of it and kept it in the Sanzo Temple in Nara. Later, this part was won by Taiwan and went to Taiwan in 1955. Wang Jingwei got back some of the relics at that time, and the Japanese Ambassador Kwai Kwai and the Nanjing puppet government handed over, especially the parietal bone relics, and found a place to rebuild the temple for support, so the Xuanzang Temple was in trouble.

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But you must know that the Hall of King Ksitigarbha, where the tablets of war criminals were found, has nothing to do with Xuanzang’s relics. It was built in the temple twelve years ago to develop new financial resources. So what does Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva manage? It’s just about superfluous, if you do bad things, don’t go to hell, and give you some better treatment in the underworld. Take care of this.

So this is a matter of common sense: How can there be tablets of people who are still alive in the world in the Hall of Ksitigarbha King Bodhisattva Guanchaodu? The tablet found must be the lotus seat of the rebirth card, also called the tablet of transcendence, which was established for the deceased. There is also an obvious sign: the tablet of longevity, because it is praying for blessings, it is red; the tablet of death is yellow. The picture on the Internet is yellow, and it is obviously a tablet of Chaosheng.

Party media uniformly sing “Longevity”, artificially provoking trouble and inciting public sentiment

Here comes the question: why is it deliberately said to be a tablet of longevity? It is possible to spread rumors about each other on the Internet, but do those big media and those public accounts also lack basic common sense? Obviously not. It appears to be a unified campaign! What is the purpose? The tablet of immortality means gratitude and blessings, thanks to Japanese war criminals, and prayers for Japanese war criminals, which means provocation to the Chinese people; the realm of belief. Buddhism talks about saving all sentient beings, and because you are a bad person or even full of evil, monks will not recite sutras for you and prevent you from being saved. On the contrary, if a person who sincerely recites Buddhahood does this, he will show more compassion and universal salvation, and the meaning of religion will be very strong. That is to say, after the incident comes out, people will downplay the provocative nature of the incident, and even another voice will come out. So now it is clear that the media has unified such a statement that is completely inconsistent with the facts, yes, it is to pick things up and stir up people’s emotions.

In addition, these four war criminal tablets were carefully selected. First of all, they were all related to the Nanjing Massacre, and they were all tried and executed for the crimes of the Nanjing Massacre. Matsui Ishine is the commander of the expeditionary army; Tani Toufu is the division commander; Tanaka Junyoshi is the captain; Noda Takeshi is a junior officer.

Tablets of four Japanese war criminals
Tablets of four carefully selected Japanese war criminals (Image: Video Screenshot)

Look, what is this? This must be the list of political cadres who have been engaged in class struggle for a long time, from the highest to the lowest Japanese war criminals. You must know that the government of the Republic of China tried and executed 149 Japanese war criminals that year, so you can’t get all of them, so choose one from each level, which is representative. Why do you think Noda Takeshi is famous? It was a beheading competition with another executed Mukai Toshiaki. Mukai Toshiaki was represented by Noda Takeshi, and the two junior officers had to choose one. But think about it, will this be a true Buddhist’s choice to make transcendence? no. This is a politically propaganda choice.

Japan and the United States degrade together, hinting at Taiwan

There is another detail. Many webpages have deliberately cut off screenshots, that is, one of the tablets enshrined in the name of “Wu Ah Ping” is called Hua Qun.

Who is Huaqun? Many people have forgotten her person. She is also a famous figure in the Nanjing Massacre, but in contrast to the murderer, she is a living Bodhisattva and a rescuer. I happened to talk about this episode in the program “Today in History”: it was the Nanjing Jinling Women’s College of Arts and Sciences that rescued many fleeing Chinese women, and Hua Qun and her colleagues also drove away the Japanese who came over the wall and violently beasts. Hua Qun has an identity, that is, an American missionary.

We thought: If the person who erected the tablet was a Japanese, he would deliberately provoke him. He would not enshrine Matsui Ishigen, who has a spiritual seat in the Yasukuni Shrine, and war criminals who have a spiritual seat in other places of worship. One Spirit Two bit, is blasphemous rather than respectful. If they were good people from folk Buddhism, they would not enshrine both the great good and the great evil in the Nanjing Massacre, which would be tantamount to blasphemy. However, to put “Japanese imperialism” and “U.S. imperialism” together at the same time is indeed the wish of many people who do not distinguish between right and wrong. Putting the Japanese war criminals and the American saviour together is not consistent with the understanding of the current patriotic and angry youth that Japan and the United States should join forces to fight against the great China?

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In Nanjing, the selection of murderers of all levels of the Nanjing Massacre and the Americans set up memorial tablets together. Such a thing not only means provoking the mainlanders under the CCP’s rule, but also seems to strongly imply that the Taiwanese should also be very angry because of the Nanjing Massacre. It was a part of the war in the Republic of China period, and it was an important historical experience of the Kuomintang in Taiwan, suggesting that Taiwan, especially the Kuomintang in Taiwan, should stand together with the CCP in the mainland to reject Japan and the United States behind Japan?

The opportunity to get the truth was blocked immediately; old events in February suddenly exploded

The CCP closed the temple immediately. At present, any party media, no matter how high the level, has no chance to come up with a second complete picture. It is an online picture, and it was originally a picture from February. It was not available six months ago. People ignore it, and it is a result of China‘s ability to manipulate and hype the domestic network.

february old events
The old things that had been discovered in February were suddenly taken out and hyped up on the Internet (picture: video screenshot)

Moreover, this picture can accurately locate the pictures of war criminals among the countless tablets, and who is okay to study the tablets one by one in the hall of those who have passed away? Have you seen such a person?

Of course, within 24 hours after the incident came out, the person in charge of the temple, the so-called abbot, was dismissed from his post. It is estimated that he was also strictly guarded, and there was no chance to further obtain the truth.

The person in charge of the temple is a member of the Nanjing Political Consultative Conference, a member of the Nanjing Municipal Standing Committee, and even a shareholder of a beauty company, a cultural communication company, and even a grain and oil company. Then he must not be the kind of true cultivator who recites Buddhist scriptures every day, so it is impossible not to know about the Nanjing Massacre, and it is impossible for the person in charge of Xuanzang Temple, which is a patriotic base for Nanjing youths, to not know Matsui Ishigen and Gu Shoufu. Can you say that you don’t know about the sale of such tablets? It can only be said that he is the first insider, and it is impossible to know whether it is according to the political task assigned by the religious authority, but the fact is that the abbot of the temple has been silenced, and the temple has been shut down as the first site.

If you really want the public to get the truth, if you really don’t have a guilty conscience and don’t have insider operations, you should definitely not block it. It’s like putting the “Chain Girl” in a mental hospital, and there will be no news since then; it’s like the barbecue restaurant in Tangshan. Renovation to cover up the truth… All of this is the same as when the high-speed train that derailed back then had to dig a hole and bury it in the first place, almost burying a surviving child alive!

The real purpose of the incident: Ampei Jinzo’s line after the attack – Japan’s constitutional revision, support for Taiwan and the Communist Party

This time, such a big thing was incited, and the purpose was very clear: to combat Fumio Kishida and the general trend of amending the constitution in Japan after the death of Shinzo Abe, and to counter Japan’s unified line of resisting the Chinese Communist Party and uniting the top and bottom.

To directly oppose Shinzo Abe and even attack Abe directly like the mainland pink who has been incited to be crazy and irrational, of course not. It directly disobeys Japanese public opinion, which is also contrary to the public will of the world mourning Abe. Because Shinzo Abe’s grandfather, Shinsuke Kishi, the founder of Abe’s powerful family, visited the Yasukuni Shrine as early as 1957 as the Prime Minister of the Cabinet. Although two prime ministers have visited the Yasukuni Shrine before, Kishi has a special identity, that is, a suspect of World War II war criminals. So the CCP came up with a Nanjing version of the Yasukuni Shrine, implying that Shinzo Abe’s militarism and even the family background of war criminals are very strong.

In addition, the united front that also wants to pull some forces of the Kuomintang in Taiwan together to oppose Japan is also very strong, because the Republic of China has reacted very strongly to the Japanese leaders’ visit to the Yasukuni Shrine for a long time in the past. In 2014, the Kuomintang compared the Yasukuni Shrine to its old president Lee Teng-hui with the Martyrs’ Shrine in Taiwan, which also aroused great opposition within the party. The CCP and the Kuomintang still have similarities in their opposition to the Yasukuni Shrine. Using the Nanjing version of the Yasukuni Shrine incident, of course, they can also help some of the Kuomintang’s political forces on the island of Taiwan, and oppose Shinzo Abe’s view that “what’s going on in Taiwan is what’s going on in Japan”.

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The CCP, like the army that hid in Yan’an and the mountain valleys, was deeply afraid of Japan. When Mao Zedong called a group of his generals for a meeting, Mao asked: Whose army is the strongest in the world? Everyone answered immediately: Our people’s army. Mao Zedong said: I see, the Japanese army is the most capable of fighting, and the second is Turkey. For a hundred years, the CCP has regarded Russia or the Soviet Union as its own idol, especially in terms of military power. However, in the Russo-Japanese War, Japan defeated Russia, and Russia’s conventional military forces were completely destroyed, which directly led to the first Russian revolution and the subsequent October Revolution of the Russian Communist Party.

Japan is very powerful, so the CCP army, just like in the Yan’an period, pushed the people to the forefront of war and conflict again, which is the real purpose of this conspiracy.

The Japanese side has arranged the state funeral of Shinzo Abe on September 27, two days before the 50th anniversary of the normalization of Japan-China relations, apparently rejecting Xi Jinping’s planned state visit at this time. If you come early, you will be attending Shinzo Abe’s funeral. If you come late, you will miss the reason for the visit to establish diplomatic relations between China and Japan. This is tantamount to not giving Beijing a chance to mend Sino-Japanese relations. For Xi Jinping, before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, he intends to mend the relationship between China and Japan, and make a gesture to go through the motions to add points to himself. It seems that Japan, who is familiar with Chinese culture, will not give face.

This is the main direction of the incident.

Secondary purpose of the event: Take the opportunity to rectify the religious world and gather money for incense in temples

Taking the second place, the CCP can also take this opportunity to rectify the religious circle on a large scale. Now that society has turned to the left, if we go back to the Mao Zedong era, I am afraid that even the existence of some false religious beliefs will not be allowed, not to mention that the CCP needs money so much now, and the monk’s incense money is also fancy. less. A tablet in Xuanzang Temple is worth tens of thousands of yuan a year, and thousands of tablets are worth tens of millions a year; a stick of incense in Mount Wutai is available in 999, 2999, and 9999; Mount Putuo, Mount Jiuhua and Mount Wutai are all listed on the market, okay? , How much does Faith open today? Faith goes up and down today? You said you are crazy to this extent! Now that the CCP has made a case of “not buying a house maliciously”, it is not surprising to go to temples to grab incense money. Besides, these monks who beat wooden fish to eat vegetarian food during the day and hug women and drink flower wine at night are not the same as the Communist Party calling for corruption prevention during the day and doing things at night.

Then let’s see how the farce of the Japanese war criminals’ tablet in Xuanzang Temple will play out.


Today’s “Weekend Morning Tea” is part of the tea chat with Fang Wei. We also discussed the thinking behind the fake news about Trump’s condolences to Biden, and whether Trump will communicate with his cabinet, his subordinates, deputy President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo are on the same stage for the Republican primaries to run for president in 2024. The reflections behind the legends and facts. For more exciting content, please visit the “City of Hope” member website, welcome to subscribe to become our member, and enjoy more good programs.

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