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Jiang Feng: Interpretation of why the new foreign minister Qin Gang and Wang Yi’s “leopard change” and the transformation of CCP diplomats | Jiang Feng | Qin Gang | Wang Yi | Yang Jiechi | Xi Jinping | Right-hand man | US-China | Bilateral relations

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Jiang Feng: Interpretation of why the new foreign minister Qin Gang and Wang Yi’s “leopard change” and the transformation of CCP diplomats | Jiang Feng | Qin Gang | Wang Yi | Yang Jiechi | Xi Jinping | Right-hand man | US-China | Bilateral relations

[Voice of Hope December 31, 2022](comprehensive report by our reporter Xin Ji)On December 30, Xi Jinping appointed Qin Gang as the foreign minister of the CCP by means of a “presidential decree”. This move once again broke the practice of the CCP’s personnel appointments. Moreover, Qin Gang took the post of foreign minister three months ahead of schedule, proving that he has a special relationship with Xi Jinping.

We media commentator Jiang Feng analyzed the appointment and dismissal of personnel and the current foreign policy of the CCP, interpreted Xi Jinping’s political considerations in choosing Qin Gang as foreign minister, and analyzed the CCP’s diplomats regardless of whether they were impolite or not. No matter what your personal style is, in the end, you can’t get rid of the shackles of party spirit and become a real “diplomatic wolf warrior” of the CCP.

Analysis of the Three “Advantages” of Wang Yi Taking over Yang Jiechi as Director of the Central Foreign Affairs Office

According to reports from the CCP’s official media, Xi Jinping issued Presidential Order No. 129 on Friday (December 30): According to the decision made by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress that day, Wang Yi was removed from the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Qin Gang was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs.

When many friends saw this news, their first reaction was, how did Zhan Langtou Lang get fired? In fact, this is really not the case. To a large extent, on the contrary, it can be seen that the CCP’s wolf warrior policy will not only continue to be implemented, but will even develop to the left and become more extreme. Here I would like to share with you my interpretation of this appointment and dismissal of personnel and the current foreign policy of the CCP.

The power struggle in the diplomatic system at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China mainly revolved around two positions: the first was the position of director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the CPC Central Committee held by the soon-to-be-retired Yang Jiechi; the second was the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Judging from his experience and diplomatic work, which has always followed the practice of professional diplomats assuming leadership positions, Wang Yi is the candidate to succeed Yang Jiechi, but Wang Yi, who was born in 1953, succeeded Yang Jiechi in 1950. The biggest disadvantage is his age. According to the party rules, Wang Yi should retire with Yang Jiechi. However, Wang Yi, who is good at drilling and understanding Xi Jinping’s mind, has three “advantages”:

First, be good at flattering and brave in flattering. On July 20, 2020, Wang Yi presided over the establishment of the Xi Jinping Research Center for Diplomatic Thought on the basis of the Institute of International Relations.

Wang Yi and Xi Jinping’s Research Center for Diplomatic Thought (screenshot of the video)

The Institute of International Relations was established by Zhou Enlai after Nixon’s visit to China, because the CCP has been leaning towards the Soviet Union since 1949, and has no international relations. There are only conflicts between the enemy and ourselves in the world. The Soviet Union will be bullied again, and even suffered a nuclear war. Even if the United States promised food aid during the Great Famine and deliberately leaked secrets to the CCP at the critical moment of the threat of the Soviet Union’s nuclear war to protect China from the atomic bomb surgery, in the eyes of the CCP, it is also the “American Empire” “Wild Wolf”.

After Nixon’s visit to China, facing the United States and the entire Western world, the CCP began to reposition itself and think about how to develop relations with the West and how to get rid of the threat of the Soviet Union. The Sino-Vietnamese war launched by Deng Xiaoping was also part of this strategy and the main topic of the Institute of International Relations. It was to use the United States to get rid of the threat of war caused by the fierce ideological disputes in the Soviet Union. Fighting Vietnam was a vote of honor for the United States. In addition to the following year, the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the CCP teamed up with Albania to participate in the boycott movement launched by Western countries led by the United States due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. That’s what the Institute of International Relations does, and it’s all professional work in the field of diplomacy.

But Wang Yi’s Xi Jinping Diplomatic Thought Research Center, according to the division of labor, should be the work of the Central Propaganda Department, the Academy of Social Sciences, and the Central Party School. Therefore, this action of Wang Yi is a typical example of scheming and flattering. If you do this, is the Ministry of National Defense going to set up a Xi Jinping Military Thought Research Center? Is the Ministry of Finance going to set up a research center for Xi Jinping’s pocketbook thoughts? Is the All-China Women’s Federation going to set up a research center for the direction of women’s progress under Xi Jinping’s personal command? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started a very bad start by using the country’s money to please the master, so as to make a further step in the journey of power for itself. It is good at flattering.

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So dare to flatter? Wang Yi pointed out that Xi Jinping’s thought on diplomacy surpassed that of the West by 300 years.

Wang Yi pointed out that Xi Jinping's thought on diplomacy surpassed that of the West by 300 years.
Wang Yi pointed out that Xi Jinping’s thought on diplomacy surpassed that of the West by 300 years. (Video screenshot)

It’s such a disgraceful thing to do, you have to take a deep breath and feel intoxicated after you fart, and you can’t say it without the courage to make thousands of pointing fingers. However, this kind of political betting has indeed made Wang Yi the biggest beneficiary, because Xi Jinping is indeed very useful, and the so-called Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thought that is 300 years ahead of the West has become Xi Jinping Thought written into the party constitution, and Wang Yi has become ” hero”.

Second, sacrifice the fundamental interests of the country to serve the leader’s desire for power. Yang Jiechi, as a veteran of the CCP’s era of keeping a low profile, while catering to the new master, foreign affairs still have to follow some common sense and fundamentals. For example, the primary task of diplomatic work is to defend national sovereignty. Therefore, when Yang Jiechi studied Xi Jinping’s diplomatic thoughts in “Qiu Shi” magazine, he clearly demonstrated his determination and will to defend national sovereignty, security and interests. In fact, this is the case. No matter how much you brag about ideology, every leader and party leader must have his own ideas. No matter how many watches he wears, he still has to do the actual work in the end. The career of a diplomat is to defend national sovereignty and security interests. .

However, Wang Yi also studied Xi Jinping’s thoughts in the “Study Times” issued by the Central Party School at the same time. Good guy, the word sovereignty has been discarded, and national sovereignty, security and interests in the diplomatic field can be discarded. Therefore, Wang Yi’s subordinates have absolutely no concept of modern international relations on various occasions. National sovereignty and international intervention are symbiotic norms, because the world today regards each other’s existence as the premise of its own existence. What is the concept of CCP diplomats now? It was Xi Jinping’s diplomatic rhetoric when he visited Mexico that year: “Some foreigners who are full and have nothing to do, point fingers at our affairs. First, China does not export revolution, second, it does not export hunger and poverty, and third, it does not torment you. What else is there? Easy to talk about.” Even produced diplomats like the consular thugs in Manchester.

Third, in addition to flattering himself, there is indeed a political arrangement that gave Wang Yi luck. Because Xi Jinping himself had already violated the rule of “ups and downs” at the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it would be easier to pull one as a backstop. There are two choices, one is Han Zheng in 1954, and the other is Wang Yi in 1953 . After all, Han Zheng has a strong Jiang faction background, which is inconsistent with the layout of the Xijiaban opera garden of the Politburo Standing Committee member we see now, so he didn’t stay. Diplomats are basically led by professional diplomats trained internally. Of course, Qi Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is a special case. He is the only leading cadre who is not originally from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The direct descendants recommended by Fuping before his death naturally became Xi’s family. Qi Yu was sent from the Central Organization Department to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to supervise Wang Yi and other professional diplomats. So even if Wang Yi is old and has exceeded the standard, cadres from other systems cannot replace the position of director of the foreign affairs office in the diplomatic system, and there is no other option.

With the three “advantages” mentioned above, Wang Yi has a more ostentatious reason to enter the Politburo than Han Zheng. After Wang Yi resigns as foreign minister, he is likely to succeed Yang Jiechi, who is about to retire, as the director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the CPC Central Committee, becoming the most senior official in charge of foreign affairs of the CPC Central Committee. Because according to the usual arrangement of the central leadership, Xi Jinping is in charge of foreign affairs and national defense, so Wang Yi can logically see Xi himself often in the future, and directly report to his counterparts and accept instructions. Now that the position of director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has been finalized, there will be suspense about Wang Yi’s position as foreign minister.

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Interpret why Xi Jinping handed over the position of foreign minister to Qin Gang instead of other contenders?

Liu Jianchao, Minister of the Central Liaison Office, and Liu Jieyi, Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, were originally on the same starting line as Wang Yi. But Wang Yi is not retiring, but going up to a higher level, so Er Liu, who is similar to his age, has no advantage when facing young deputy foreign ministers.

More importantly, Liu Jianchao’s International Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China has long-term dealings with the Communist Party or pro-communist groups in various countries. His appointment as foreign minister will make governments of countries sensitive to the CCP hostile; They will say, wow, the CCP’s diplomatic focus has all shifted to work with Taiwan, which will make the outside world think about it. So it is necessary to choose from among the deputy ministers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Le Yucheng, who was originally the actual executive vice minister, resigned and went to the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television. The deputy position is not counted, it is obvious that he is sitting on the bench. If Putin does not win the war and Russia does not win the war, it is impossible for Le Yucheng, who is an ambassador to Russia, to have a second political career.

So what about Vice Minister Ma Zhaoxu? In 2012, Qin Gang took over the position of director of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Ma Zhaoxu, which means that Ma Zhaoxu can be regarded as Qin Gang’s old superior according to his qualifications. Why did you choose Qin Gang instead of Ma Zhaoxu? It is an objective condition that Qin Gang is three years younger, and several other reasons are more important:

First, Ma Zhaoxu made a big mistake in organizing the itinerary for Xi Jinping to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting this year. This was Xi Jinping’s most important foreign affairs arrangement before the 20th National Congress. The news was exposed prematurely, especially the news of the talks between Xi and Putin. It is unfavorable, and it also increases the uncertainty of political security in the country; in addition, the dinner arrangement during the meeting, the closing group photo on the last day, and the meeting and group photo of Xi Jinping, Putin, and the Mongolian President have seriously damaged Xi Jinping’s “world leader” image. Ma Zhaoxu, as the deputy minister in charge, has to bear the main responsibility for the continuous mistakes in foreign affairs work. In particular, it was the first time Xi Jinping went abroad in the three years since the epidemic, and he became a laughing stock. In addition, many overseas rumors based on this made a lot of coup news, which directly affected Xi’s political prestige at the 20th National Congress. This is a major mistake of Ma Zhaoxu that many people did not expect.

Second, the highest experience of Ma Zhaoxu’s envoys abroad was the Australian plenipotentiary ambassador. Australia’s political status in the West is obviously lower than that of Qin Gang’s ambassador to the United States. Reusing Qin Gang can at least send a signal to the United States on the surface. That is, the CCP still puts Sino-US relations at the top of its diplomatic work.

Third, Qin Gang is 56 years old. Before becoming the Chinese ambassador to the United States in July last year, he was the director of the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the director of the Protocol Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the assistant to the foreign minister, and the vice foreign minister. When he went to the United States in July last year, the relationship between the United States and China had fallen to the bottom due to disputes over issues such as human rights, trade, and Taiwan. According to reports from many American media, Qin Gang did not receive high-level attention from the US government in Washington. Therefore, it is difficult to meet high-level US officials. However, for a period of time, Qin Gang did not seem to show the “Wolf Warrior” diplomatic style believed by the CCP diplomats. Instead, he kept a low profile and went to various parts of the United States to have friendly exchanges with people from all walks of life.

Qin Gang once went out of state to have Chinese conversations with American elementary school students who are learning Chinese, kicked off at the home court of the St. Louis American Major League Baseball Cardinals, and chatted with Elon Musk in a Tesla electric car.

Qin Gang and Musk
Qin Gang chats with Musk in a Tesla electric car (video screenshot)

On December 30, he also posted a video of him shooting two two-point free throws at home in an NBA Washington Wizards game. You must know that the Washington Wizards were originally called the Bullets, and they were the first NBA team invited to China by Deng Xiaoping after his visit to the United States in 1979.

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Qin Gang makes free throw for Wizards
Video of Qin Gang throwing free throws at home for the Wizards (video screenshot)

Therefore, this video was released just before Qin Gang returned to China to serve as foreign minister. The symbolic meaning of breaking the ice and restarting Sino-US relations is very strong.

The American media noticed that Qin Gang tried to be as tactful as possible even on some hot topics. For example, he once said that if China knew in advance that Russia was planning to invade Ukraine, then Beijing would definitely try its best to dissuade Russia from this action; at the same time, he also tried to downplay the risk of war with Taiwan. But these two statements, without the approval and instruction of the big boss, he absolutely dare not say. Therefore, the personal relationship between Qin Gang and Xi Jinping, or Qin Gang must have gained some special trust from Xi Jinping.

Will the new Foreign Minister Qin Gang change the direction and style of the CCP’s diplomacy?

With Wang Yi leaving office, will the new Foreign Minister Qin Gang change the direction of the CCP’s diplomatic style? Although the Western media generally believe that Qin Gang showed more affinity, we can see it by looking at history.

In February 1977, Bush Sr. resigned from the CIA. He traveled in China and even got Deng Xiaoping’s approval to enter Tibet. He was accompanied by Deng Xiaoping’s special interpreter Yang Jiechi along the way. During that trip to Tibet, Chengdu, Three Gorges, Wuhan, Changsha, and Guilin, Yang Jiechi was a senior escort along the way. In addition to official representatives, he also established a deep personal relationship with the Bush family. The nickname “Tiger Yang” given to Yang Jiechi by Bush became Yang Jiechi’s special business card when he served as ambassador to the United States. The relationship with the United States is really strong.

However, following the appearance of Xi Jinping’s war wolf diplomatic thought, Yang Jiechi quickly changed his face, saying for the first time at the ASEAN meeting that “you are all small countries, and China is a big country”, which is very embarrassing and domineering in diplomacy. If you want to talk about wolf warriors, Yang Jiechi can be said to be grandma wolf. How did this change come about? A person can be a refined gentleman and a generous father, but once the party needs it, he can only be a tool of the party.

The same is true for Wang Yi. Don’t look at how disgusted he is now. When Wang Yi was the ambassador to Japan from 2004 to 2007, he was good-looking and was called the “Prince with Jade Face”. He also spoke Japanese well. Celebrities are also admired by the Japanese political circles, especially middle-aged women think highly of him.

Photos of Wang Yi when he was the ambassador to Japan
Wang Yi Appointed Ambassador to Japan (Video Screenshot)

Later, when Wang Yi took the post of foreign minister in 2013, the Japanese media was still happy for a while.

But soon, the Japanese who studied Chinese politics more thoroughly than the Chinese gave Wang Yi a word called “Leopard Change”.

This is from the word in the “Book of Changes”, “The Gentleman Leopard Change”, which means that the whole person has changed. The words of the Japanese actually have a lot of meaning. “Gentleman Leopard Change” not only gave Wang Yi face, saying that he has changed from the elegance he had in Japan, but he is still a gentleman. In fact, another layer of meaning has been left, because there is also a legend about “Leopard Transformation” called “Leopard Hidden”, which means that leopards change color, are good at hiding, and are good at seeking advantages and avoiding disadvantages.

But the Japanese are still wrong. Wang Yi is not good at hiding, but like many party members who want to give their lives to the Communist Party, this is a true display of the nature of the Communist Party. As long as this system is still in place, every individual party member will burst out at any time The kind of evil that devours conscience, devours family affection, and devours humanity comes out. Unless disengaged.

A wolf is a wolf. The same goes for Qin Gang, don’t expect him to suddenly become a vegetarian.

Today’s program may be the last episode of 2022. I sincerely wish friends on the channel and friends who watch my program, stay kind, keep hope, and let us enter the new year together. wish everyone!

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